Thus revealed, the creature buried its nose in the tire-tilled soil...
October 14, 2006
Quick film reviews

I have watched a lot of movies during the past couple of weeks! Here are my reviews, in an average of five sentences or less. If you want lengthy plot summaries and synopses, you can just pop over to the IMDb links and check 'em out there!

City of Rott: Neat animation, but the film is basically a seven-minute Flash movie that drags on for 11 times as long, making it a really repetitive and boring and frustrating movie -- especially since the few decent ideas in the movie are wasted. Full review available on Scary-Crayon.

Average thus far: 2 sentences per review. (2/1)

Queen of the Damned: As I watched this movie on DVD, I said aloud to myself, "Man, this sure isn't as good as Interview With the Vampire!" Then I burst out laughing at the understatement -- this is nowhere near as good as Interview. In fact, it is fucking terrible... which I already knew because it is one of two movies (the other being Willard) that I actually made the trek to Milford to see alone during my undergrad years. So why'd I buy it? Well, it's like the quintessential bad vampire movie -- it's like a parody of bad campy low budget vampire movies, except worse because it actually takes itself somewhat seriously and had a budget and name stars and popular bands on its soundtrack (et cetera). And it's based on the writings of one of the greatest writers of vampire fiction ever!

To be fair, though, Anne Rice's Queen of the Damned novel was waaaay worse. I hated that book.

Average thus far: 5 sentences per review. (10/2)

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow: You know, if I had seen this movie when I was 8 or 9, I probably would've thought it was the perfect adventure film -- it would've been like my Raiders of the Lost Ark. As it is, I thought it was kinda stylish and cool, but otherwise fairly shallow.

Average thus far: 4 sentences per review. (12/3)

The American Astronaut (Thanks, Ossabelle! :)): This was a neat little indie sci-fi flick with some quirky set pieces and cool musical numbers. Ultimately I think it suffers from a shallow plot and a lackluster antagonist, but that wouldn't stop me from recommending it to folks in the mood for, well, a neat little indie sci-fi flick with some quirky set pieces and cool musical numbers! 😉

Average thus far: 3.5 sentences per review. (14/4)

The Ring: I'm not sure whether the Japanese version was better or not -- somehow I'm thinking that it suffered from the same flaws that plague this one -- but this movie was fucking dumb and I have no idea how it has a 7+ rating over at IMDb. Evil videotapes and haunting telephone calls and pale little girls with too goddamned much hair (not to mention suicidal horses) are stupid, not scary.

Average thus far: 3.2 sentences per review. (16/5)

Flight of the Navigator (Thanks, Molly! :)): This is definitely one of the best family films I've ever seen -- a cute and thoroughly enjoyable (and oddly touching) film about a little boy who just wants to go home and befriends an alien ship in the process. I think the movie would've been a little better if the ship hadn't lost its mind and turned into Pee-wee Herman (seriously) after scanning the boy's brain, but it was still very good stuff.

Average thus far: 3 sentences per review. (18/6)

Monster: Okay, I'll admit it -- this tragic love story had me getting all teary-eyed at the end. Excellent performances (though I'm not sure I'd call any of them Oscar-worthy) and a poignant story rendered all the more heartbreaking because of its factual basis earn Monster a very high recommendation from me. Also, Christina Ricci has never been cuter.

Final average: 3 sentences per review -- w00t! (21/7)

All for now, then -- ja ne, minna-san. 🙂

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October 11, 2006
Operation CHILL
Category: Miscellany

So my latest project has been cooling down my laptop, which has resulted in me being off of the computer for uncharacteristic amounts of time during the past few days and made my work this morning particularly hectic. Monday's undervolting with Notebook Hardware Control ran well into Tuesday (if I'd known it would take that long, I would've waited), but the CPU appears to be running 5-8 degrees C cooler. No change in the HDD temperature.

Then I tried fooling with I8kfanGUI, but I kept wondering why the CPU temperature wouldn't stay constant and kept making the fans turn on and off. Apparently the fans on the laptop are supposed to remain on at all times (or at least that's how the system is designed), so the program was sort of counteracting the design by turning them off. I wish I could keep them on always and have the program up the fan speed at a lower critical temperature, though, because with the undervolting the system never hits the necessary temp (around 70 C) necessary to send the fans into overdrive. I'd like to see them get antsy around 60 C, but hey. Maybe I can mess with the BIOS values...

Anyway, I also purchased a cooling pad to use with the laptop, but I had the good fortune of ordering a defective item so now I have to go to the post office to ship the sucker back. I generally like buying things online -- it's so convenient and things are often discounted and come STRAIGHT TO MAH DO', but one problem is that when one does get defective products one ends up paying double shipping and having to go out anyway, which sort of negates the advantages. Ah well.

To people I owe e-mails -- thanks for your patience! Until next time, BE COOL.

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October 9, 2006
Of Dogs and Daleks
Category: Miscellany

''Small furry animals will be exterminated!''

My shower gel-filled Dalek arrived last week! It is very cool. 🙂


Bacardi does not like it, though.

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October 5, 2006
It wouldn't be a Wes birthday without...
Category: Miscellany

...something fairly crappy happening, which in this case involved the spilling red alcohol all over my carpet (not to mention the various papers and pieces of mail nearby) just three minutes after 11 PM. Not a huge deal, but still. SO CLOSE! Bleh. 😐

I don't feel like doing anything today.

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October 4, 2006
Category: Miscellany

Today, 25 years ago, my life began!

Well, nine or so months prior, according to the good pro-life folks.

I will now celebrate with a couple of drinks and a trip to outer space. 🙂

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