Thus revealed, the creature buried its nose in the tire-tilled soil...
August 7, 2008
Akuma is mean
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Ryu iz sew ded

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August 4, 2008
Someone threw a Slurpee at me
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I was having an okay day before that, too. Not a fantastic day, but I did end up getting some mahi mahi free at Weis because the register wouldn't ring up the sale properly. Plus Phoenix will be on television tonight -- always a good thing. So the day wasn't shaping up to be completely miserable... but then, on the last leg of my three-mile trek back home, I saw something flying towards me! Gravity ensured that it hit my shin and not my face, but that was still pretty fucked up and I was still pretty furious.

I initially thought it was a Big Gulp, since there was enough fluid left in there to splash all over my leg and up to get my left hand and forearm all sticky, but since the cup was plastic and had a spoon straw in it I now think it was a melted Slurpee.

Anyway -- as if I hadn't gotten the message -- this is just more proof that people fucking hate me and will always go out of their way to make sure I know it. Whether the incidents involve students and administrators accusing me of all manner of nefarious deeds, book store customers treating me like shit, interviewers exhibiting uncalled-for rudeness, people driving by shouting, "Faggot!" and now people throwing fucking Slurpees at me, it seems like the human race just has to throw me a big fucking middle finger every time it seems like I might momentarily forget just how mean people can and will be where I am concerned.

Rest assured, humans, I have not forgotten. 🙁

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A Doctor Who adventure on Scary-Crayon!
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The bluescreen technique I mentioned in the previous post has borne fruit! Pop over to Scary-Crayon to check out the first part of a brief Doctor Who toy comic entitled "The Doctor's Demons". Yay! :mrgreen:

Incidentally, Scary-Crayon is currently the only result for a Google search of "the doctor's demons" (although, depending upon how fast the engine gets updated, this Wesoteric entry might be in there too by the time you read this). I love introducing unique arrangements of words to the World Wide Web, but one would think those words would have come up on the 'net at some point before, no?

EDIT: Okay, I just searched for it now and got a handful of results! That's so weird. 😐

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August 1, 2008
It's not just for hair anymore!
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I'm not usually terribly keen on the blue background -- I think it somehow distracts the eye from the figures themselves -- but I was shocked to discover how easily it's removed! Seriously, I was able to isolate the figures from the background in the first image below in three minutes or less. If I find that this initial experience wasn't just a fluke, I may have to take advantage of this to make more toy comics.

Hurray for chroma key effects?Captain Jack, Sarah Jane, and the Clockwork Man in the TARDIS!

Bring on the classic figures, Character Options. I'm ready! :mrgreen:

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July 26, 2008
I'm serving up tomato soup
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Which is to say that I was trying to cut off a figure's head with a hobby knife and it slipped... not good. And why is this knife so sharp, yet so useless? It was barely doing more than scratching the figure, yet it went through my flesh so cleanly that I didn't even feel it at first. And then when I looked at my finger, I thought maybe I'd just scratched it as well... until I touched it and blood just shot out from it in a clean arc. Seriously, it was like in the movies where someone gets slashed by a sword or a laser trap -- first nothing, then PSSHHHHHHHHHHHH! Ridiculous.

I seem to be doing alright typing without using my left pointer finger -- which should make the loss of the digit a little easier to deal with should I end up developing a severe infection or damaging the finger beyond repair in future mishaps -- but I'm still worried. Finger, heal thyself! Please?

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