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August 4, 2008
Someone threw a Slurpee at me
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I was having an okay day before that, too. Not a fantastic day, but I did end up getting some mahi mahi free at Weis because the register wouldn't ring up the sale properly. Plus Phoenix will be on television tonight -- always a good thing. So the day wasn't shaping up to be completely miserable... but then, on the last leg of my three-mile trek back home, I saw something flying towards me! Gravity ensured that it hit my shin and not my face, but that was still pretty fucked up and I was still pretty furious.

I initially thought it was a Big Gulp, since there was enough fluid left in there to splash all over my leg and up to get my left hand and forearm all sticky, but since the cup was plastic and had a spoon straw in it I now think it was a melted Slurpee.

Anyway -- as if I hadn't gotten the message -- this is just more proof that people fucking hate me and will always go out of their way to make sure I know it. Whether the incidents involve students and administrators accusing me of all manner of nefarious deeds, book store customers treating me like shit, interviewers exhibiting uncalled-for rudeness, people driving by shouting, "Faggot!" and now people throwing fucking Slurpees at me, it seems like the human race just has to throw me a big fucking middle finger every time it seems like I might momentarily forget just how mean people can and will be where I am concerned.

Rest assured, humans, I have not forgotten. 🙁

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  • Jersey Girl says:

    Are you sure the Slurpee was directed AT you and not just randomly thrown? I'd still be pissed that it hit me, but it might not have been directed at you, specifically.

    And for what it's worth, I don't hate you. I actually very much appreciate how supportive and kind you've been. I can't thank you enough for that.

  • Wes says:

    It could have been randomly thrown, but things like that are always directed at me specifically -- whether humans glimpse me in their peripheral vision and toss them on instinct or whether said projectiles are guided into their inevitable collision with me by the hand of God.

    Thanks, though admittedly I take declarations like that with a grain of salt -- the vast majority of people who've said that they didn't hate/dislike me in the past should properly have said, "I don't hate you yet." Honestly, if you could somehow prove that my best friend was actually the one responsible for throwing the Slurpee at me, and that it was entirely intentional, I wouldn't at all be surprised. I would be hurt, yes, and even angry -- but not surprised. That is how things work, after all!

    Still, you're quite welcome. 🙂

  • megz says:

    wtf why would someone do that??????????

    that's awful! I hate people.

  • Wes says:

    Whoa, a comment from the lovely Megz? Maybe people should throw Slurpees at me more often! 😉

    But yeah, that was pretty discouraging.

  • rha says:

    Wes, can you remember any other specifics? any detail, no matter how small or irrelevant it may seem, needs to be thoughtfully recorded at this delicate juncture.

    Prepare a detailed account of exactly how things went down. sights. sounds. faces in the crowd. i need it all.

    let's coordinate. i'll help you finger the culprit. and then we'll exact swift revenge.

  • Jersey Girl says:

    I'm not going to argue with you or dispute your recollection of events, both recent and distant. You're the one who has experienced those things, which means you're the only one who can interpret them with any accuracy. For me to suggest otherwise is to diminish the events that have occured, and I certainly don't mean to do that in any way.

    I understand that you take my declarations with a grain of salt. I would too. You could be right about not hating you YET. Of course, you could also be wrong, I have no idea. But right this red hot second, I appreciate your willingness to listen to what I have to say and to offer a hug, albeit a virtual one. That alone exceeds my expectations of most people, so, I'll just accept it as a very cool thing and be happy about it. The fact that you could potentially hate me and vice versa is a non-issue for me, because we all have the potential to hate or dislike someone. Hell, I dislike half of my own family pretty strongly. I'm not gonna worry about it because it's borrowing trouble, so to speak.

  • Wes says:

    Rha: Unfortunately, I don't have too many specific details -- I was walking on the side of the road and the Slurpee was hurled from a passing vehicle on a fairly busy street, so I couldn't tell which car contained the guilty party even as I whirled around shouting expletives and struggling not to cry because people are so goddamned mean to me. After it happened, I kept thinking about how lucky the drivers on that road were that I didn't have the gem of Cyttorak on my person! I'd have flown into a rage that would have been certain to nail the culprits, but every other car would have been Juggernaut headcrushed as well. 👿

    JG: I mainly meant to point out that this post has to be taken in the general context of my distrust of all humans and suspicions of their ultimate negative intentions towards me, so it's not necessary to stress that *you* don't hate me at this particular time. That worldview itself has to be taken with a grain of salt, since I probably wouldn't bother posting if I expected you all to write, "GOOD! I'm GLAD you got hit with that Slurpee, you horrible monstrous bastard!" I do think that my chances of finding people who will treat me with even a modicum of respect are limited -- particularly in face-to-face situations; something about my physical aspect is decidedly unpleasant to others -- but present company is excluded from any rants against the hateful human race in general (until it isn't, anyway). That's why I don't include these posts in the serious entry category.

    That said, I didn't mean to seem entirely dismissive -- something along the lines of "Thank you and duly noted!" would probably have been a better response on my part. 🙂

  • dave says:

    ...Maybe they were throwing it TO you because you looked thirsty after a long trek, and you just didn't catch it?

    (See how I just turned you into a clumsy, ingrateful bastard... and I don't even hate you yet) jk

    Seriously, though, the worst part sounds like the fact that you don't even know who it is (although, I agree with whoever suggested it might have just been a literer)

  • megz says:

    btw I forgot to mention before, but this also happened to a friend of mine a couple years ago, she was standing at a bus stop and some guys drove up and dumped a huge slurpee on her, called her a "stupid goth", laughed and drove off. people are fucking awful. I hate people!!

  • Ro says:

    As someone who was pelted repeatedly by snowballs as a teen by mean ass kids. I can empathize with your anger. However don't stay upset for too long, it was probably just some idiot airhead litter bug.

    I hope you are feeling better.

    Btw looove the Dr. Who toy comic, very cute!

  • stefmax says:

    I think it's your bloody city. Move out of that hell hole.

    The people there sound shitty.

    Come to South Florida, that won't ever happen.

  • Becky says:

    Wow, I'm so sorry to hear that Wes. I would think that it might've been an accident if this had been one occasion, but you're right in that you do seem to be a magnet for asshole-like behavior and I really don't understand why (and esp. having even met you).

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