Thus revealed, the creature buried its nose in the tire-tilled soil...
August 4, 2008
A Doctor Who adventure on Scary-Crayon!
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The bluescreen technique I mentioned in the previous post has borne fruit! Pop over to Scary-Crayon to check out the first part of a brief Doctor Who toy comic entitled "The Doctor's Demons". Yay! :mrgreen:

Incidentally, Scary-Crayon is currently the only result for a Google search of "the doctor's demons" (although, depending upon how fast the engine gets updated, this Wesoteric entry might be in there too by the time you read this). I love introducing unique arrangements of words to the World Wide Web, but one would think those words would have come up on the 'net at some point before, no?

EDIT: Okay, I just searched for it now and got a handful of results! That's so weird. 😐

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  • wes.. haven't seen you on AIM the last couple times i've been on but i was wanting to tell you about the new guy Monte on the RTW staff he does some really amazing action figure-based web comics.. - i thought you'd dig his stuff..

    also, in the comments of the previous entry, you mentioned Torchwood.. - is it any good? - i saw a trailer for the series on a DVD recently and saw my library carries it so I went ahead and put the first seson on hold.. - looked interesting..

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