Thus revealed, the creature buried its nose in the tire-tilled soil...
April 20, 2004
A strange dream of olde.
Category: Dreams

Like I said in one of the recent posts, I was going through some of the old directories on my hard drive and came across copies of my first "blog" from 2001-2, and thought that some of the weirdness therein should be resurrected for the delight of current readers. So here you are -- a dream from (I think) the fall of my junior year. And if you haven't thrown me your two questions yet, feel free -- I'm still taking 'em. And if you have submitted your questions already, feel free to ask a third. Or something. Keep me occupied so I don't try to make my head explode with more heavy heavy topics. Please. (more...)

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April 2, 2004
A dream.
Category: Dreams

First off, Mac made reference to my previous entry (click or scroll down, as usual) in a post entitled "Destroyed for lack of knowledge?" Naturally, I don't agree with everything he says -- I may write more about it later, but suffice it to say that I don't think the Bible should be the standard of morality as far as our laws are concerned -- but we do seem to be in agreement that Kevin McCullough's article was pretty muddled and made little sense. And even with Dawn's clarification, I'd probably have disagreed with his point (see my comment in Mac's blog), but maybe he might've given a good argument in support of it. I can't say, though, since he didn't bother to make the argument in the article. 😛

SO! I had no funny April Fool's Day jokes or gags for you yesterday. But I have a dream for you now. Enjoy! (more...)

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March 17, 2004
Last night as I slumbered...
Category: Dreams … TV, Film, & DVDs

So I exchanged that defective Dawn of the Dead dvd for another one today, and here's the deal -- either lady working the exchange desk accidentally/intentionally-just-to-screw-with-me gave me back the same defective copy, or I had the misfortune of grabbing another defective copy, 'cause this one screws up in the same exact spot. Who's really annoyed? Give ya three guesses.


Last night as I slumbered I had a strange dream... (more...)

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February 27, 2004
Filler. (With a new drawing!)
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This has been a pretty craptacular week for me, so I'm thinking tomorrow night I'll go ahead and give the childhood post a go. There are so many things that have changed for the worse since my childhood, but I'm going to limit it to one topic of discussion -- should keep it from being the novel that I'm erratically working on (which is mostly based on my life). Besides, it's the topic I hate, and I'd hate to drag it out (though I may very well do just that, cursing under my breath the whole way through). There's a reason I can't really get my fingers into this novel, folks -- because every time I really start thinking about it I get so disgusted that I have to eat a bunch of candy and go to sleep in the hopes that I'll have some really neat dreams to make me feel better. Argh. (more...)

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November 7, 2002
ENTER THE DREAM (Fall/Winter 2002)
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Meh, I've been feeling like crap, so I haven't updated in a while. So I was just going to write that and that maybe I'll give a better update this weekend.

HOWEVER, apparently I had started an update in here a while ago that I never posted, about a f*cked up dream I had. So until next time, hope this is entertaining. (more...)

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