Thus revealed, the creature buried its nose in the tire-tilled soil...
November 7, 2002
ENTER THE DREAM (Fall/Winter 2002)
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Meh, I've been feeling like crap, so I haven't updated in a while. So I was just going to write that and that maybe I'll give a better update this weekend.

HOWEVER, apparently I had started an update in here a while ago that I never posted, about a f*cked up dream I had. So until next time, hope this is entertaining.

Oh, and Megz, I saw your comment, so this is for you. Come visit and give me hugs.

ENTER THE DREAM (in poetic fashion?):

Well, I dreamed that I was at the house in MD
and spirits kept assaulting me.
I'd be washing my face in the sink and then
I'd hear chanting
and then I'd pull a ceremonial artifact
out of my nose
with blood and choking
on that blood
and much, much coughing.
(This happened several times.)
Mom thought I'd gone crazy
that I was somehow stuffing
the artifacts
into my mouth to pull them out of my nose
because I did that once
with a toothpick in my
youth (seriously).
But one artifact came out
with a sticker that told where
it had been purchased --
a sticker receipt.
It read New Haven and the date
(recently, in the dream)
but I hadn't been in New Haven on that day.
So that's how we figured out that spirits from New Haven
had followed me home
and were tormenting me
and then we debated whether I should go
on this vacation to Hawaii, because the neighbors were
going and they wanted adult company, but
at the same time it was supposed to be
a baby vacation (they have
babies) so to have me and
Kristen (my sister) around wouldn't be very
appropriate. Besides,
evil spirts are not healthy for children.
So we decided I should stay
home alone with my spirits.
And then I woke up
with a stuffy nose
and I could still taste the blood in my throat.

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  • abilify and self says:

    The blood in your throat was caused by your sister Kristen's fingernails scraping on your mucous membranes, didn't you know?

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