Thus revealed, the creature buried its nose in the tire-tilled soil...
April 2, 2004
A dream.
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First off, Mac made reference to my previous entry (click or scroll down, as usual) in a post entitled "Destroyed for lack of knowledge?" Naturally, I don't agree with everything he says -- I may write more about it later, but suffice it to say that I don't think the Bible should be the standard of morality as far as our laws are concerned -- but we do seem to be in agreement that Kevin McCullough's article was pretty muddled and made little sense. And even with Dawn's clarification, I'd probably have disagreed with his point (see my comment in Mac's blog), but maybe he might've given a good argument in support of it. I can't say, though, since he didn't bother to make the argument in the article. 😛

SO! I had no funny April Fool's Day jokes or gags for you yesterday. But I have a dream for you now. Enjoy!

Dream #1.

Picture a small bathroom. I was lying on my back in the bathtub, half-filled with water, and a clear plastic bag, foggy with my breath, was over my head. There were also splashes of red on it. Blood. I was shivering. Then the door opened, and through the blood and haze I saw a figure in a hockey mask approach, fondling a machete in its hands. This person placed the blade on the sink and then turned to me, bent over, and pulled the plastic bag from my head. Then it (he? she? -- at this point, I couldn't tell) looked down at me for a moment, picked up the blade...and left me alone. The door closed.

Cut to me on my knees, looking into the bathtub. Now there was another person laying on his/her back in the shallow water, shivering, with a hazy plastic bag spotted with blood over his/her head. I kept trying to reassure the person that it would be okay; that I had survived; that he/she would be fine. Somehow it came into my head that we were both in some kind of virtual reality game, and that our previous actions in the game determined how we would be treated by the masked figure in this bathroom scene. I don't know why I thought this; that's just what I thought. Then the door opened, and in came the masked figure, this time carrying an axe. I moved aside, but kept whispering to the person in the bathtub, "It'll be okay...don't be afraid..." And then the masked one buried the axe in between the person's neck and shoulder, driving the blade down just past the collarbone. The tub began to fill with blood. My eyes went wide, but I said nothing -- I just glanced back and forth from the masked figure to the body and thought, "What did you do??? What did you DO???" at both of them, since a) the poor soul in the tub had possibly done something earlier in the game to bring this fate upon him/herself, and b) the masked figure had just butchered a human being.

Then the figure pulled off the mask, and revealed itself to be my high school Latin teacher. Except it wasn't really her -- this was apparently my Latin teacher's successor, but kept the same form, as if the body of the teacher was a suit that was passed along with the job. But then she began fondling the axe, and decided that she was going to pick a Halloween costume I had worn in a previous year...and if she didn't like it, she was going to hack me into bits. And then she lifted the plastic bag that had been over my head from the floor, reached into it, and pulled out a grey wig and tossed it over to me. Now, I've never worn a simple grey wig as a Halloween costume -- and certainly not one that had apparently been torn from someone's head; there were bits of scalp and dried blood all over the interior of it -- but in the dream I seemed to recall wearing it, so I put it on my head and started hobbling about as if imitating an old lady. And then my sister popped up in the bathtub (whether she was the person who had been butchered or just appeared out of nowhere, I don't know) and started talking about how awful a costume it was, trying to get the Latin teacher to kill me. But then my sister went away, the teacher decided not to kill me, and then she invited me to a Latin party. But the party wasn't for another six months, so I said I wasn't sure I'd be around to attend...and then I woke up.

I'm thinking I'll turn that one into a short story at some point, or at least use it in a story of some sort, since it's pretty wild and interesting stuff. I think so, anyway...

I had a few other interesting dreams, but I'll save them for later. Ciao for now!

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