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February 27, 2004
Filler. (With a new drawing!)
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This has been a pretty craptacular week for me, so I'm thinking tomorrow night I'll go ahead and give the childhood post a go. There are so many things that have changed for the worse since my childhood, but I'm going to limit it to one topic of discussion -- should keep it from being the novel that I'm erratically working on (which is mostly based on my life). Besides, it's the topic I hate, and I'd hate to drag it out (though I may very well do just that, cursing under my breath the whole way through). There's a reason I can't really get my fingers into this novel, folks -- because every time I really start thinking about it I get so disgusted that I have to eat a bunch of candy and go to sleep in the hopes that I'll have some really neat dreams to make me feel better. Argh.

Speaking of my dreams, if you're reading, Caren, you got to star in one of them this week. (That's what happens when you've got a little Osama in you, eh?) Nothing risque -- Caren owned a hot pink ski-resort type home (like one of those fancy log cabin deals) topped off with these huge glowing neon pink letters. I can't remember what they said, which isn't surprising given that it was a dream, but they were probably advertising her new book. Come to think of it, the house fits pretty well with the whole Chick Lit thing, no?

In other news, I lost that auction for the lot of Super Turtles. I'm not too upset about it, though -- I'm pretty sure I didn't want to win, since not only did I not try to snipe the bid (which has proven really successful in recent runs), but I made absolutely certain I was out of the house when the bid ended, so there was no way I could've fought for the win by jacking up my bid at the last second. I mean yeah, they would've been nice to have, and if I'd won it would've been a pretty good deal per figure, considering that there were six in there, but still -- $40+ at one time for a handful of figures is quite a bit, especially considering that I've already spent over that amount on Turtles in the past two weeks alone. No need to lose my mind here. So yeah, I lost, and now I'm done, unless I decide to bid on those bootleg Turtles...but no, I can't! That would start the cycle over again. It's like an addiction, you see.

Suuuupa Donatello!!!!!!!

I didn't win 'em, so I drew one -- the only one I do own, which I still haven't taken out of the package. Here's the original black-and-white version of the pic, if anyone wants to see that too. I kinda liked drawing Donnie here (I used to draw all the time, though lately I haven't done it much), so I've already pretty much finished doing a Super Mikey. When I finish him, I'll get him up here too. 🙂

I've also been reading my old TMNT comics -- reading comics is something else I used to do a lot, but not so much these days -- so that's been pretty cool too. It's neat that some of them aren't in the best shape, since back then I read them instead of picking over them with my fingertips before sealing them up in their plastic baggies never to be opened again. Means I don't have to be too careful, and it also means I can have no qualms with scanning certain pages for use on the site -- I'd never do that with one of my mint/near-mint comics, since I'd run the risk of bending the pages or something. I'd like to go back and read some of my Spider-Man comics (some for the first time; I've never read a number of them), but it ain't gonna happen. Not sure if I'd ever sell them, but if I did...ka-ching. Not that much ka-chingin', mind you, but still...they sure would buy a lot of Turtles. 😀

And I started writing a story the other day! Yes, now I've got five or so unfinished stories lying around. But this one should be short, so hopefully I'll finish it up tomorrow or the next day. How many times have you heard that line before?

Aaaaaand for one day only, February 25, the TMNT anime review was dethroned. I couldn't believe it when I saw it. And by the Christmas Filler article, too! Must've been that really cute picture of me that did it. But like I said, it was only for one day -- February 26 saw the Turtles redouble their forces and strike back hard, with all three pages of it being the top views for the site (excluding the splash and main pages). The first page has done really well, but usually the second and third pages don't rank so highly. And for some reason the tuna pancake recipe got in there too...which is weird. That's been one of the least popular pieces since the site opened.

Alright! That wasn't so bad. Hopefully next time I'll have the sad and serious post for you. And the April of these days. Soon. I'm thinking mid-next week. Until next time~

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