Thus revealed, the creature buried its nose in the tire-tilled soil...
December 24, 2004
This dog wants me to kill it.
Category: Miscellany

So first the fucker just shits in the hall even though he knows goddamned well where his fucking litter box is. Then the dig runs amok on the kitchen table and, among other things, tears open a bag of chocolate chip cookies and eats part of one. ISN'T CHOCOLATE SUPPOSED TO KILL YOU? IDIOT. So when I come out of my room and see what he's done, I shut him up in the downstairs bathroom as punishment... and now the fucker won't stop barking. SHUT UP, BACARDI! Before I shove you in a sack and leave you outside a Chinese restaurant or something.

This is why I could never have a dog. There's shit in the hall right now. Fucking let my sister clean it. He's not my damned dog.

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Festive illness
Category: Miscellany

I'm blowing chunky green snot and red blood from my nose! Hurrah!  :/

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December 23, 2004
This is where I live.
Category: Miscellany

Welcome to Wes's room.


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December 21, 2004
Oh, Hyatt...
Category: Miscellany

Hyatt from ''Excel Saga''

So... gorgeous...! Be still, my beating heart. I'm still sick, btw.  🙁

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December 20, 2004
Category: Miscellany

Hoping to get the second part of the Christmas with Gumby review written and uploaded before I leave for the fucking bookstore tomorrow. I owe more people e-mails too, so we'll see if I make any more progress with that. A couple of cute Dusty Plastic HELL: Hot Flashes are on the way, too. I had no idea they'd turn out to be so heartwarming!

This is assuming I don't sleep excessively and not get them done -- apparently my body is trying to catch up on all of the rest it missed during the average of 55 hours per week that I've been working since late September. I'd hoped to get more work done today, but I ended up mostly just laying around and watching "Excel Saga". It rocks! Did get a few e-mails sent out today, though.

Here's hoping the rest of the week is slightly more productive on all fronts!

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