Thus revealed, the creature buried its nose in the tire-tilled soil...
January 21, 2004
Stupid html...
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Really brief post. Dawn (if you're reading) -- I haven't forgotten the substantial reply that I've been promising; I've got a pretty good idea of how it'll go, and I've even got some quotes written down from a sermon I heard over the weekend to include (not to mention quotes from a sitcom that I happened to watch, since it was on after the State of the Union address and I didn't bother to change the channel), but I keep hoping I'll make some significant headway with and/or finish this story first. I'd meant to do some more writing tonight, but I got caught up with working on the website again. Oh well, at least now several articles are finished and uploaded, so yay there...we have content! I <3 content. Want a preview? I'll think about it. 😉 (more...)

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January 20, 2004
Speaking of cookies...
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I didn't open the cookies last night. Still, I had an interesting dream -- I cannot actually remember what happened in it, but I woke with an inexplicable desire to recall it (I tried, but to no avail), so I assume that it was interesting. I think that I might have gotten into a philosophical argument with an alien monster thing in the dream. I've had several dreams like that, but I can never remember exactly what we discussed. I did remember the discussion I had with Morpheus, though -- not Laurence Fishburne (Cowboy Curtis!!!), but the god of dreams. He looked a lot like David Gunn in Vampire Journals. Anyway, I did have cheesecake, so maybe it was the cheesecake. But I've had cheesecake at other times during the past month, to no effect, so maybe it was the cherries... (more...)

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Don't give away my cookies, plz.
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Today was a sad day.

First, I woke up from the best extended dream sequence I've had in about a month. That was good. It was almost like a continuation of a dream that I had over a year ago, because it took place in the same setting (but then again, certain wings of my high school are common backdrops in my dreams). I'd go into it further, but this is one of those dreams that's going to be easy to turn into a dream narrative, so I want to keep what I've got for the story. It'll also involve a longer rewrite of the old dream, and while I don't remember it entirely, it's a good thing I wrote it down in the blog I was keeping back then. Also good that I saved those archives. (more...)

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January 17, 2004
Welcome back, Krang!
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I don't plan to do an essay related to the topic, but I did want to start off by noting how pleased I was to see KRANG (!!!) this morning on the latest episode of the new TMNT cartoon. Granted, they didn't call him by name, and he's got this weird muzzle on that looks like a cross between a serial killer restraint mask (does anyone know what that's actually called?) and Professor X's Cerebro helmet, which makes sense because he was imprisoned when he first appeared on the show (before he escaped and started dealing out the pain), and he's got this weird purple scar over one eye, but I know Krang when I see Krang and that, my friends, was Krang -- back at last. (more...)

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January 16, 2004
It begins...
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So I finally got the template fixed up the way I want it, at least for now. And I made a text title graphic. Yay. And since I've been fooling with html and crap all day, I'm exhausted. I'll write a better post tomorrow by way of introduction. Or maybe I won't. Tomorrow, that is. I will someday, though.

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