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January 20, 2004
Don't give away my cookies, plz.
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Today was a sad day.

First, I woke up from the best extended dream sequence I've had in about a month. That was good. It was almost like a continuation of a dream that I had over a year ago, because it took place in the same setting (but then again, certain wings of my high school are common backdrops in my dreams). I'd go into it further, but this is one of those dreams that's going to be easy to turn into a dream narrative, so I want to keep what I've got for the story. It'll also involve a longer rewrite of the old dream, and while I don't remember it entirely, it's a good thing I wrote it down in the blog I was keeping back then. Also good that I saved those archives.

So after jotting down some notes about the dream for future reference, I began wondering what I'd done differently to have such an interesting dream. I suspected it had something to do with my diet. What had I done differently last night? Well, I'd eaten four chocolate chip cookies before I went to bed. This, I think, is key. I used to have lots of interesting dreams during my junior and senior years of college, back when I was going through two (well, one and a half) packs of Shaw's brand cookies a week. I think I ate an entire 24 oz. pack of Duplex cookies Thanksgiving 2002, after which I was practically hallucinating. "Yes, it must've been the cookies. Cookies before bed. Must try it again tonight to test the theory," I said to myself.

Then a cousin stopped by and my mother gave him every last one of the remaining cookies and a large chunk of cheesecake with cherry topping. I was upset.

"ALL OF THE COOKIES?!?!?!?" I said. "Why not give him the entire cheesecake too?!?!?!?"

"Yeah, I'll take it," he said.

"Might as well!" I cried.

"Oh, you don't understand; he's in the air force," my mother replied.

(By the way, have I mentioned how much I love to be told that I don't understand things by people who make no sense?)

Then he went back to his car, where his girlfriend was waiting, because it is very cold (30 degrees, today) and she was, for whatever reason, wearing flip-flops, and drove away. With all of the cookies. My cookies.

But before he drove away, I was already turning on the water in the shower. I hadn't planned on showering today, because I'd planned to just bum around and maybe do some writing -- I hadn't planned on going out -- but damnit now I had to trek to Giant in 30 degree weather to buy cookies.


And cookies I did buy. And snowballs, and marshmallow pies!

But now I'm reluctant to open them before their greatest hour is upon them. The above, along with the Twinkies I bought last week, are going to be used -- this week, hopefully -- for what's probably going to be the greatest Scary-Crayon feature I'll ever do. But I suppose I could open one and trek back to get an unopened thing tomorrow, or just take pictures of them unopened tonight (which I've done, but I'd need to surround them with action figures for the feature photos). I don't know. Maybe I'll OD on cheesecake and see if that wasn't the cause. After all, I did have some of that last night too... but I doubt that's it. No, it's definitely the cookies. But I can't open them yet.

I also bought this for 50 cents! What a steal!

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