Thus revealed, the creature buried its nose in the tire-tilled soil...
February 9, 2004
Scary-Crayon updated!
Category: SC Updates

Yep. A Crayon Haiku #3 is up; go-go and enjoy.

I haven't gotten any e-mails about the images not working, so I think that the script is working properly. And I started posting tonight on a forum where one guy was using an image in his signature -- showed up as a broken image link, which also supports the "working properly" theory. I kinda hate to have to do it -- there was this one guy in a Spanish blog who linked a couple of the images but also linked the site, and from what I could understand it seemed like he genuinely enjoyed the piece and wanted others to check it out -- there's something that just seems rude about broken images. On the other hand, there's also something rude about people who ignore your e-mails to the effect of "please don't use link our images in your signatures; if you want to use them, download them to your own webserver and link them from there (there are plenty of free image hosting sites)" and continue posting away anyway, and unfortunately there's no way for the script to recognize who's using the images to promote articles on SC and who's just leeching without regard for the site. (more...)

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February 8, 2004
Bookkeeping and Toys
Category: Miscellany

First of all -- if you're having trouble viewing images, here or on SC, please send me an e-mail and let me know about it (replacing the "-at-" with "@" and removing the spaces, of course). I've been having a lot of trouble with people remote linking the images, which wouldn't be that much of a problem if they weren't doing it on forums and using the images in their signature files and as avatars. Forums get a lot of views a day, and it's really been a drain on the bandwidth -- for the month of February, SC is already up to 630 MB in traffic, and we only average about 150 unique visitors a day (most of whom only view one page). So I've implemented a script to disallow remote image linking, but depending on your browser it may not be as successful. If it doesn't work, try reloading the page -- there could be problems caused by your cache -- and if that doesn't work e-mail me to let me know, and tell me your OS and browser while you're at it. And if you want to drop a line to say, "Hey, Wes -- just wanted to let you know everything's a-okay for me!" feel free to do that too. (more...)

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February 7, 2004
Scary-Crayon updated!
Category: SC Updates

Yep, what the title says. A Random Lunch #0 has been posted. Enjoy, mail me comments, as you like. (more...)

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February 6, 2004
Category: Serious

Every vent in the house is choo-ing like a locomotive and the air smells of heated metal and burning crumbs.

Perhaps the house is about to explode. (more...)

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February 5, 2004
For Hannah.
Category: Serious

I am not optimistic about the persuasive ability of the essay that follows. I do hope that, at the very least, it may encourage people to devote some attention to matters that previously did not concern them, and I hope that they may reevaluate the meaning of some terms that they are apt to throw around on a daily basis as if these terms have significance -- but which ultimately may not, if other beliefs that they hold ring true. That is, if truth has any real meaning. It is my conviction that it does, though I think it may be futile to attempt to convince others of that. Nevertheless, I will try. (more...)

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