Thus revealed, the creature buried its nose in the tire-tilled soil...
February 8, 2004
Bookkeeping and Toys
Category: Miscellany

First of all -- if you're having trouble viewing images, here or on SC, please send me an e-mail and let me know about it (replacing the "-at-" with "@" and removing the spaces, of course). I've been having a lot of trouble with people remote linking the images, which wouldn't be that much of a problem if they weren't doing it on forums and using the images in their signature files and as avatars. Forums get a lot of views a day, and it's really been a drain on the bandwidth -- for the month of February, SC is already up to 630 MB in traffic, and we only average about 150 unique visitors a day (most of whom only view one page). So I've implemented a script to disallow remote image linking, but depending on your browser it may not be as successful. If it doesn't work, try reloading the page -- there could be problems caused by your cache -- and if that doesn't work e-mail me to let me know, and tell me your OS and browser while you're at it. And if you want to drop a line to say, "Hey, Wes -- just wanted to let you know everything's a-okay for me!" feel free to do that too. (more...)

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February 7, 2004
Scary-Crayon updated!
Category: SC Updates

Yep, what the title says. A Random Lunch #0 has been posted. Enjoy, mail me comments, as you like. (more...)

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February 6, 2004
Category: Serious

Every vent in the house is choo-ing like a locomotive and the air smells of heated metal and burning crumbs.

Perhaps the house is about to explode. (more...)

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February 5, 2004
For Hannah.
Category: Serious

I am not optimistic about the persuasive ability of the essay that follows. I do hope that, at the very least, it may encourage people to devote some attention to matters that previously did not concern them, and I hope that they may reevaluate the meaning of some terms that they are apt to throw around on a daily basis as if these terms have significance -- but which ultimately may not, if other beliefs that they hold ring true. That is, if truth has any real meaning. It is my conviction that it does, though I think it may be futile to attempt to convince others of that. Nevertheless, I will try. (more...)

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February 4, 2004
Where we call trash by name.
Category: Serious

This just in:

According to one visitor to the site, Scary-Crayon is "like the site of a fifteen-year-old kid." That visitor found it "disturbing" that the site would belong to a "grown man." (more...)

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