Thus revealed, the creature buried its nose in the tire-tilled soil...
August 25, 2009
4-inch plastic hotness
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'G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra' Scarlett!

'G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra' Agent Helix!

Lovely, aren't they? And is it just me, or does Agent Helix look a bit like the adorable Samantha Krutzfeldt? Let's compare the two...

Samantha Krutzfeldt......and Agent Helix. Does anyone else see a resemblance?

If only Hasbro would work a Lena Headey likeness into the line... :mrgreen:

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August 2, 2009
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In response to a comment criticizing companion Rose for her (admittedly awful) treatment of Mickey:

The Doctor was way worse to Martha, though. First there was that "one more trip" business, and then he basically made her a slave for however long (and consider the implications there) just so he could be "merciful" to a murderous gang of aliens that he later defeated by standing over them and glowering. And on top of consistently treating Martha like absolute dirt -- to add extreme insult to injury -- he concocted a world-saving plan that hinged upon her traveling the globe while not only telling everyone how great he is, but also urging them to pray to him! The Doctor is a jerk.

And regarding companions:

Tegan was easily my least favorite companion, with Donna coming in as a not-so-close-but-not-terribly-distant second. Peri and Mel were far too cute to make my list, and Adric -- while at times annoying -- died like a champion and took the dinosaurs with him. If that's not hardcore, I don't know what is.

Also (not posted on a Doctor Who forum; just sharing):

The second Doctor!

That'll do it for this entry, then. 😛

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July 29, 2009
Whopl... oh, but that would give it away.
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Bacardi has discovered a box!

Bacardi has discovered a box!

What's inside the box, you ask?

What's inside the box, you ask? (more...)

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June 20, 2009
Here but now they're gone
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seasons don't fear him

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March 12, 2009
Cue scary music...
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And then... the Foot shall rise again.

The armor of the master is mostly complete.

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