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March 3, 2007
New arrivals!
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ROSE & K-9!

Also yay!

The Doctor. :|

And definitely the least interesting figure of the bunch, but kind of a required addition to the collection.

Now all they need to do is get that transdimensional engineering figured out so I can have a working TARDIS in which to keep them. :mrgreen:

Also, the blog has been upgraded to version 2.1.2 of WordPress. Ja!

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February 11, 2007
'till all are one
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More than meets the eye.

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February 8, 2007
Freecell, Toys, DVDs, and Reviews
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Hey all! How've you been? Whatcha been up to? I've been playing Freecell. My streak is currently at 168 wins. Fantastic.

I have also been buying toys and DVDs, as usual. Lately I've been on a Transformers kick in terms of toys -- in the past week, I have added four new ones to my collection (bringing my TF count to a grand total of six, or eight if one includes Bootleg Prime and a Go-Bot I have had since I was four years old). I think I will probably stop with them whenever this Megatron is released in a month or so, though. I also picked up a few TMNT figures at Wal-Mart this weekend -- two because they were reduced to $2 each, one because it came with a TMNT PC game. The game is kinda crappy.

I picked up way too many DVDs yesterday -- The Goonies, Team America: World Police, The Last Samurai, Secretary, Meet Joe Black, and Lost in Translation. They were only $5 each, but that's still more than I like to spend during a given outing. Seriously, I am not buying any more DVDs until I have at least put a significant dent in my current queue. Knock on wood.

So, now I will briefly review the movies I have watched thus far this year in an average of five sentences or less. (more...)

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April 29, 2004
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CLASSIC Teen Titans, GO!!!

The monkey made me order it. DAMN YOU, GREEN GAR MONKEY!!!!!!

And once again...

And goodbye, little story! Good luck in the void! See you in a month or two.

New article sometime later today. Like, after I've slept (soooo tired). The pics I took for it are awful, but somehow, given the subject matter, I think that's quite appropriate. See you then!

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