Thus revealed, the creature buried its nose in the tire-tilled soil...
August 2, 2009
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In response to a comment criticizing companion Rose for her (admittedly awful) treatment of Mickey:

The Doctor was way worse to Martha, though. First there was that "one more trip" business, and then he basically made her a slave for however long (and consider the implications there) just so he could be "merciful" to a murderous gang of aliens that he later defeated by standing over them and glowering. And on top of consistently treating Martha like absolute dirt -- to add extreme insult to injury -- he concocted a world-saving plan that hinged upon her traveling the globe while not only telling everyone how great he is, but also urging them to pray to him! The Doctor is a jerk.

And regarding companions:

Tegan was easily my least favorite companion, with Donna coming in as a not-so-close-but-not-terribly-distant second. Peri and Mel were far too cute to make my list, and Adric -- while at times annoying -- died like a champion and took the dinosaurs with him. If that's not hardcore, I don't know what is.

Also (not posted on a Doctor Who forum; just sharing):

The second Doctor!

That'll do it for this entry, then. 😛

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  • De says:

    First off, that Patrick Troughton figure is 18 shades of awesome but I'll likely never own one without trading Cora's college fund for it.

    I thought the Doctor and Martha had to hide from the Family and that Martha took the maid job to be close to him. I didn't get the impression that he had done so deliberately. Maybe I need to watch those episodes again.

    Have to agree about that finale though. Way too quasi-religious batshit insane. RTD can stop the Christ imagery anytime now.

    • Wes says:

      Ha! He's not that expensive, though -- the 2-pack comes out to about $20 per figure, which does indeed seem like quite a lot... but it's not so bad if you consider that a) these are limited-run exclusives and b) the regular DW Classics normally retail for $15. Of course, those are overpriced too.

      I wouldn't advise watching those episodes again -- mostly because I thought they kinda sucked -- but you really would only need to see the last part of the second episode, where it's explained that the Doctor could have defeated the Family easily. Only he didn't, because that would have involved him breaking out his lonely god whoopass and he wanted to be kind to them. So he didn't deliberately make Martha a slave, but he did leave her stranded in (racist) early 1900s England -- attached to a "human" version of himself that looked down on her -- for no good reason.

      And yeah, that finale... ugh.

  • Mickelodeon says:

    I am definitely not up on the current-day companions...or with any confidence of knowing what the eff I'm talking about after Romana I, and selectively, at that. This sometimes spills into previous companions (witness my conviction Liz left to be married? I don't think that's right, after rewatching "Terror of the Autons" on my trip. It seems she just left and went back to Cambridge?) and could name probably on one hand and maybe another finger the number of Martha episodes I've seen. Two of them involve Sarah! Jane!, so any other companion goes straight out the window when she's around. However, perhaps you know the answer to this: what's the episode with the scarecrow? I saw action figures for it at White Wizard and am intrigued (similar to clowns and baby dolls, I have an aversion/fascination with the little straw fuckers).

    Also. Please stop your showing off where Patrick Troughton is concerned or I'll sick my fifty-foot physicist on you and only call her off when I get mine Troughton in the mail. =)

    Just kidding. It's making me crazy for Thursday to get here...

    • Wes says:

      The episodes with the scarecrows are the ones in which the Doctor made Martha a slave, actually! They're "Human Nature" and "The Family of Blood," episodes 8 and 9 of Series 3. I haven't taken that one out yet, but it looks okay... though it's lacking the arm and thigh swivels seen on later figures.

      Yourn Troughton is on the way!

  • Newt says:

    I liked the Family episodes, especially how it tied into the finale, although the deus ex machina end to the finale was rather silly. Point being, I definitely agreed with the Doctor being a prick to Martha. He was definitely being a jerk to her through most of her run. So much so that I could barely stand Martha and only really liked her once she was basically like, "I'm so done with you" and stood up for herself.

    • Wes says:

      I despised the finale too, so anything that ties into that is horrible by definition. Davies's "Master" was horrible in pretty much every respect -- I'd even have preferred the Eric Roberts version to crazy gonuts drummer-boy Master.

      But yeah, the Doctor was an ass to Martha, and in a way that made me dislike the character. I mean, all of the Doctors could be short with their companions at times, but only Colin Baker's version and now Tennant's took it so far that it really irritated me. And I really think the writers did that on purpose with Martha, considering that she was the first extended onscreen "minority" companion and all. Why else would they have had characters make explicit racist remarks to her? It's not like it served any real purpose.

  • Monty says:

    Speaking of the Doctor and his companions...


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