Thus revealed, the creature buried its nose in the tire-tilled soil...
April 9, 2004
Val's Friday Five!
Category: Miscellany

On her blog, Val posts her own Friday Five questions, which are a lot more interesting than the ones on the "official" Friday Five site. So I'm gonna answer 'em. 🙂

1. At what age did you start realizing how weird the concept of the Easter Bunny really is?

I'm not sure the concept of the Easter Bunny is all that weird, given some of the other holiday concepts we've got going on. I mean, yeah, he/she is a bunny that hops around handing out glitter-painted hard-boiled eggs and chocolates to good little children, but we've also got a fat guy who consumes billions of cookies in one night while traveling 'round the world delivering toys in a sleigh pulled by eight (or nine) flying reindeer. We've got naked babies with wings who go around shooting people in the asses with poison-tipped arrows that make them fall in love with the first person they see. We've got a holiday on which children dress up as fantasy characters and rotting corpses and go door-to-door threatening mischief and violence unless their demands for candy are met. And we've got a holiday that serves no purpose other than to indulge the gluttonous American spirit, to justify the murder of hordes of turkeys, and to facilitate the sale of plus-sized winter clothing. Suddenly the Easter Bunny doesn't seem so strange, and I never really thought much about him/her at all, really. The Cadbury Bunny was always an interesting character, though. He sounded like a chicken. (more...)

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They're ALIIIIIIIIIIVEEE!!!!!!!!!!
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Yep, comments are fixed and active and all of that. I was having some problems with the script, but then I e-mailed Jesse (the creator of Reblogger, which is what I'm using) with a few questions, and then I started tinkering with the script myself (though lacking knowledge of Perl...) to see if I could figure anything out. The changes I made to the script seemed to work pretty well...and then just as I finished I heard back from Jesse. That's pretty quick tech support for a free program made by one guy, I'll say. I really appreciate his efforts -- and I'm sure the version on the site will be updated with the fixes -- but I think I'm gonna stick with my changes for now, just so I can feel special and stuff. If I get terribly bored someday, maybe I'll even try to add smileys. 😉 (more...)

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April 7, 2004
Category: Miscellany

So I walked around six miles this morning, snapping photos left and right. I'll spare you the gruesome roadkill shots (for now), but most of the pictures I took were of cherry blossom trees. Here's one scene I shot.

Quiet scene.

I crouched to try and get the playground in on the action. Cute, eh? (more...)

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March 29, 2004
Three photos and a poem.
Category: Miscellany

First off, I've made a great deal of progress on the second TMNT anime review, so it looks like you can expect it on Tuesday after all. It should only end up being two pages, but it'll be two ACTION-PACKED pages, and besides, hardly anyone ever reaches the third anyway. So that's that.

I'm in kind of a dreamy, hazy mood tonight. I think it has a lot to do with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, or maybe it has something to do with the interesting and brilliant and delicious concoction I just finished spooning down. Here, have a picture.


Any guesses as to what that is? No? It's dry oatmeal in a bowl with milk, 1.5 tablespoons of melted chunky peanut butter, Boulaine Creme De Cacao liqueur, and Boulaine Banana liqueur. It is truly excellent -- like chocolate and bananas and peanut butter and, uh, some oatmeal. I'm seriously considering making another bowl of the stuff. (more...)

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March 14, 2004
Bacardi is gone :(
Category: Miscellany

Yep, since yesterday my sister returned from Spring Break in Florida, Bacardi left us last night. It's nice to have some quiet again and to not have to worry about him running around and crapping on the carpet, but I still kinda miss the little guy. Hopefully my sister will continue to take good care of him. Here's a photo of us on his last day at the house.

The last few days -- especially Friday -- were pretty eventful, so I've been too busy/exhausted to post much. Hopefully I'll have another Scary-Crayon article up this evening, but if not, then definitely tomorrow. Also, soon, expect a photo post (briefly) detailing one of my adventures on Friday. I'm thinking I might take the entire Friday adventure and make it into a SC special, but I dunno. (more...)

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