Thus revealed, the creature buried its nose in the tire-tilled soil...
November 10, 2005
A suicidal haiku.
Category: Miscellany

Why does God hate me?
Maybe I will find out soon!
When I hang myself.

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November 7, 2005
The Fortune Cookie lies.
Category: Miscellany

Today, I got a fortune cookie with a message that read:


I laughed for like the next four minutes. Then I sighed and continued on with my miserable existence.

Also, I was watching "Celebrity Poker Showdown" earlier and have come to the conclusion that Lacey Chabert is just adorable.

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November 4, 2005
So it just dawned on me...
Category: Miscellany

...that Kim Possible's legs are thicker than her waist. Even the calves. I'm not sure whether to find that sexy or not. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be for real women, since no woman's waist could ever be that tiny. That would be (K)impossible! Not to mention unhealthy.

And how the hell does Drakken keep losing? I'd just snap her ass in half and be done with it. Oops, I broke your spine! 'Cause there's nothing but skin surrounding it at your midsection.

Also, Shego is totally hot. Way hotter than KP. I <3 Shego.

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I just got 55 spam e-mails...
Category: Miscellany the last hour. Insane.

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September 16, 2005
Blood and games.
Category: Miscellany

Today, I woke up to a nosebleed. I opened my eyes, rolled over in bed, raised a tissue to my nose and blew -- I knew as soon as I felt the tissue's sudden soddenness -- and pulled it away to see a bright crimson splash on the white paper. And the blood kept coming.

Now, where other people immediately plug their noses and tilt their heads back, my solution involves blowing my nose tirelessly and continuously until, finally, I blow out a few fat black blood clots -- and the nosebleed ceases. So I spent the next twenty minutes doing that. My nose drips bloods no more, though two small wastebaskets are filled with tissues and napkins red (now maroon) with the sticky stuff. Perhaps later I'll feel weak.

I've also been sleeping with my light on this week -- because when I am ill my mind seems to conjure fantastically strange images in the dark. Not terrifying things, but unsettling things, or things that strike me as being weird in an unenjoyable way -- strange and complex games involving the alignment of the pattern on the sheets and that if I cannot get the wrinkles to match the design just so I will not be able to free myself from the bed, or things requiring me to trace my surroundings with my fingertips in order to find a door to push through and escape from my sickbed. All having to do with escape and games -- all having to do with confinement -- all having to do with sight. All more or less doomed to fail because they must be played in the dark.

Ja ne.

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