Thus revealed, the creature buried its nose in the tire-tilled soil...
June 6, 2006
Happy Devil Day!
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What the title says. I don't have a whole lot to add, so here are a few words on a couple of things I've seen recently...

X-Men: The Last Stand was pretty lame. Like, lame in that really general and boring way that precludes me from saying anything really interesting about just how lame it was. Unlike X2, it wasn't insulting to my intelligence. (By the way, I find it pretty amazing that so many critics have said it pales in comparison, since it was waaay better than that film -- but then, a 2-minute short film depicting a dog taking a shit would be more engaging and less idiotic than X2.) So with the notable exceptions of the exceedingly pointless and lackluster back-to-back "deaths" of two major characters, the totally uncharacteristic assholishness displayed by Professor Xavier, and Halle Berry stinking up every scene that featured her, I can't really pick it apart for anyone's benefit or amusement. I probably would've been able to if it'd been longer -- and admittedly the film did feel somewhat unfinished -- but the shorter length and according lack of extended shitty scenes were probably the only things that kept it from being as bad as X2. Still, I kinda hate you if you liked this movie. Please have better taste in films in the future. 🙁

Ayakashi ~ Japanese Classic Horror

And then, in addition to some pretty strange and obscure animes (one of which I fully intend to review on Scary-Crayon very soon), I started watching "Ayakashi ~ Japanese Classic Horror" yesterday. It's an eleven-episode horror series based on a few tales from Japanese folklore. In addition to being neat and engaging stuff, the fansubbing is exceedingly thorough, to the point that the group that subbed the anime even included pdf files full of historical notes and explanations with the download. Very impressive. A lot of details in the show remind me of some of the stories I read during a Japanese religion course I took in college, which is also cool. Kinda makes me want to try my hand at rewriting some classic myths myself... if I ever finish this memoir and other current projects, that is. 🙂

All for now, then. Until next time!

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May 29, 2006
A happy FOX Network employee.
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''I enjoy writing 'Family Guy' episodes.''

From a joke in a recent "South Park" episode. Note that the gag actually had something to do with the episode's plot. 😛

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May 28, 2006
Hanaukyo Maid Tai: Training with Konnai
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''If you don't unify your soul, you'll lose to the water.''
''Unify... soul... unify... soul...''
The rock keeps it work safe!
Concentration = broken

I really like this show. Amusing stuff! 😀

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May 21, 2006
Nippon Ichi!
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''I am not a fucking piece of meat.''

Mai Shiranui was the first video game character with bouncing breasts.

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May 13, 2006
Bacardi fears MegaMan
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It's true: he's visiting this weekend, but he's been off hiding for like the past four hours now because the figure's spring-powered missile-launching arm spooked the crap out of him. At one point I went looking for him and found him cowering under my sister's bed. I didn't even shoot the thing at him! Weirdo. 😛

So taking a cue from writers who use images rather than text to excerpt from their unpublished work, here's a passage from the latest incarnation of the memoir-in-progress. It's not even a particularly interesting passage, but I figure it's the more boring parts of a work that make it challenging to get through so your thoughts here will be more useful than they might be for, say, an exciting piece of dialogue. Does that make sense?

''Yo, man!'' Biff exclaimed as he entered.

(If you have trouble seeing the text, click the image for a larger, somewhat more legible version.)

That's all for this post. Until next time, minna-san!

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