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April 18, 2004
Re: Buffy/Angel and Free Will
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So Tina over at has recently written a blog entry addressing the depiction of vampires in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel". She writes:

It is repeatedly said in the show that vampires (and other demons) do NOT possess free will. Why is that? Well, it seems to be due to thier intrinsically evil natures. That is, humans have free will because they have a soul, which gives them a conscience: so they have something within them that pulls them towards the good; there is some motivation in them, intrinsically, to do the right thing. Vampires do not have this: there is nothing in them that motivates them to do what is right...

Yet, while the characters recognize that vampires don't have free will, they nonetheless seem to hold them morally responsible for their actions. Buffy has no problem killing creatures that simply cannot help doing what they do. But she will never kill a human being, on the grounds that they do have a soul (i.e., free will). This seems rather mysterious to me: so you willingly kill those that had no freedom to anything but evil, but will not kill those that freely do evil.

So being something of a Buffy "expert", I wrote up a comment to post over there. And then it ended up being so lengthy that I figured I'd just post it as a blog entry. Be warned, I'm kinda exhausted (it's past 5 AM...), so it's probably not the best example of my work, but it should make sense. So Tina, this one's for you. 🙂 (more...)

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April 12, 2004
Left Behind: The Movie is weird, creepy stuff.
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Tonight's one of those nights on which I'd like to hang myself and talk to the jellyfish. One of those nights on which I'd just like to go to sleep, yes, and not wake up in the morning, or ever again. Tonight is filled with envy for the dead. (more...)

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April 6, 2004
Dawn of the Dead indeed.

First of all, if you missed the previous entry, Scary-Crayon updated with Chocolate Chip Cheese Cookies. I like all of the SC pieces (since I've written most of 'em), but I really had fun with this one. So read it and e-mail me comments, please. 😀

So this Daylight Savings time change is starting to get to me -- I've felt kind of "off" all day (Monday). But maybe that's because Sunday was fairly eventful, since I got to hang out with a pal for the first time since September of last year! Good ol' Pam and I walked around at a mall for a few hours, bought a few dvds, stopped off in a bar to have a few drinks, and then went to see the new Dawn of the Dead. And I really don't understand all of the positive reviews I've been reading for the film, because it's awful. We were tipsy going into the movie and still hated it. Ugh. (more...)

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April 3, 2004
Judgment reviewed.
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So I just got through watching Judgment on dvd. I pulled it out of the massive $5.50 bin in Walmart, and -- I'll be honest -- I was expecting it to really suck. Granted, I expected it to be awfully entertaining. After all, it had Mr. T, larger than life, on the dvd cover, and the premise of the movie has to do with the trial of none other than God Him/Her/Itself. (more...)

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March 17, 2004
Last night as I slumbered…
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So I exchanged that defective Dawn of the Dead dvd for another one today, and here's the deal -- either lady working the exchange desk accidentally/intentionally-just-to-screw-with-me gave me back the same defective copy, or I had the misfortune of grabbing another defective copy, 'cause this one screws up in the same exact spot. Who's really annoyed? Give ya three guesses.


Last night as I slumbered I had a strange dream... (more...)

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