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May 28, 2004
City Quiz and the Friday Four. Also, Angel.
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It's been a while since we had a quiz, so let's go!

Take the quiz: "Which American City Are You?"


San Francisco -- Liberal and proud, you'll live your lifestyle however you choose in the face of all that would supress you.

Interesting. And there's more:

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* New York (You scored 0)

* Las Vegas (You scored 1)

* Cleveland (You scored 1)

* Washington DC (You scored 0)

* San Francisco (You scored 2)

* Seattle (You scored 0)

* Los Angeles (You scored 1)

* Memphis (You scored 0)

* Boston (You scored 0)

* Orlando (You scored 1)

So it's not like there was an overwhelming victory here. Wonder which two answers got me SF? I'm pretty sure the theme park answer to question #1 explains Orlando. But of course, "stay home alone watching DVDs and mixing alcohol with peanut butter" wasn't an option.

Anyway, my five questions have been sent out, so I'll let you know as the players post their answers online. Sam's already got his up, so have a look... unless you're playing, in which case DON'T, since his answers might influence your own. Particularly the answer to #2. SUPERMAN IS NOT A MONSTER. But if you've got a fetish for hefty ogres that slightly resemble Cameron Diaz, you're welcome to pick Shrek...

Take your time with the questions, players, but since Sam's already answered his five (so they're out there on the web), I'll post the first four in case there were any other readers who would've wanted to answer 'em had they not been part of the whole "chain blogging" deal. The fifth questions I asked each player were unique ones, so I won't post those here until all of those answers are out. So I guess you could call this the Friday Four.

1. If you had a single round-trip vacation ticket for a time machine and could visit any time period (or specific year) you chose, where would you go and why?

2. If you could assume the form and powers of any movie monster, who or which would you choose and why?

3. What's the most important word in the English language and why?

4. Of all of the living creatures on the planet, which do you think most accurately represents, depicts, and/or embodies your personality? How so, and in what ways?

So if you want to answer in your blogs (or in the comments, though I apparently have an unwritten character limit that may impede answers of much depth), go for it. And drop a line to let me know. 🙂

Oh, and regarding yesterday's entry about the series finale of "Angel", Anon posted a few comments in response. I'll briefly respond to 'em here.

Anon writes, "Why kill Lindsey and let Harmony walk? That's easy. Lindsey was an Angel-based character. Harmony started with Buffy. Plus, she's more fun as a character. Joss probably wanted to keep her around in case there's ever another spin-off in the Buffyverse. Also, Lorne probably read Lindsey and knew he'd eventually betray Angel."

If the last line is true, they probably should've mentioned that, but with respect to the other points, those are crappy reasons. Yes, some of them are probably right, but if your characters and their motivations are that transparent, well... that sucks.

Anon continues, "I don't think they were ignoring Gunn's growth as a character. He changed a lot in his years with Angel. If you watch it again, you'll see he broke up with Fred because she didn't like that he killed her former college professor."

I don't know if it's right to say that I think they ignored Gunn's growth as a character, but you've got to admit that many of the subplots -- particularly the romantic subplots -- involving him got scrapped with little or no resolution. He supposedly bedded down with Gwen that night, but the issue was never touched on or even mentioned again. And with Fred, I recall there being tension about that, but I don't seem to recall there ever being a defined break or a final conversation -- I remember them arguing, I remember Fred telling Gunn that she missed him, but then it all seemed to get lost in the shuffle when Angelus broke loose and the writers never went back to pick up the pieces. Even if there was a clear resolution there (which I sure as hell didn't notice), it was pretty unfitting and forgettable given the depth of the relationship they'd built. Moreover, to eventually put Fred with Wesley seemed more like a crowd-pleasing move given some of the other things that had happened before between her and Gunn. For instance, recall that when Billy was giving people the misogyny touch, Gunn had to save Fred from Wesley. and recall that in one of Fred's first appearances, she saved Gunn from green demon Angel by holding up a hand covered in blood. That's pretty symbolic... And of course, he did literally kill for her. Even if that ended up being the cause of their break-up, the split deserved more time and attention than the writers gave it.

And finally, Anon writes, "I agree that it seemed sudden that Angel signed away his role in the Shanshu Prophecy (or, in the case of plot devices, to get close enough to the Senior Partners to hurt them). It was probably done as a quick wrap-up to the series. ... If the show returns as TV movies or whatever, I'm sure they'll figure out a way around it."

Quick wrap-ups and figuring ways around things don't make for good writing. And my endings were totally better. 😛

And that's a wrap for this post. Ja.

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