Thus revealed, the creature buried its nose in the tire-tilled soil...
January 4, 2010
Doctor Who Bingo and the End of Time

The 10th Doctor's final episode -- the second part of "The End of Time" -- ended up being quite a bit better than I expected it to be, considering that the first part was absolute rubbish. Figuring that it would be awful, I set out to make the experience a little more enjoyable during my New Year's Day viewing by printing out two (one, two!) of the various Bingo cards circling the web, grabbing a handful of change, and mixing up a rather strong Bloody Maribelle -- which is my name for a Bloody Mary with a few spoonfuls of sugar; I think the sugar enabled me to tolerate twice the amount of vodka I'd normally put into one. It was a very nice drink.

[WARNING: The second image below may contain spoilers if you can read very tiny print, so you may want to avoid clicking to see the larger version if you haven't watched the episode. There are also some spoilers in the following discussion, so proceed with caution!]


Even though the episode didn't entirely suck, I can safely say that that potent Bloody Maribelle made the experience of watching it that much more enjoyable. I think I would've been much more annoyed by the Oodsong if I hadn't been well tipsy by that point! (more...)

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December 28, 2009
Restructuring... kinda.
Category: Technical Stuff

So it's been bugging me for a while that I've been placing all of my entries in the "Blog" category. I can't remember why I started doing this, but I've justified it by reasoning that they're all technically blog entries. However, a category that contains every post isn't really useful (at least for my purposes here; I'm pretty sure there's a good reason I use a blanket category for stuff on Scary-Crayon), so I've decided to remove the general category and place all otherwise uncategorized posts in a new category titled "Miscellany." This might mean that some direct links to posts no longer work, though I've tried to minimize the fallout by retaining the blog-archives permalink structure. If you notice anything else wonky that requires my attention, though, please let me know!

Oh, and this marks the first entry of a category that I've been considering starting for ages: "Technical Stuff." All coding- and design-related content will appear here. 🙂

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NYC December 2009 Photos (Part I)
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So I recently took a trip to New York City -- first time I'd been there since 2007, I believe. I don't know why I hadn't been back in so long, but I'll have to make sure to go back more often! I had a great time, and thanks to those of you who made time to hang out with me for a bit. 🙂

I will now proceed to share a few of the photos I took while I was there -- more to come in future posts.

"It was love at first drink."

Just an advertisement for a café somewhere in the city. I like this because, although Jamie is looking up, my eyes are drawn to an entirely different place. That's right -- Jamie's neck looks absolutely delicious. 😉 (more...)

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December 14, 2009
I am... annoyed.
Category: Travels

So, first things first -- for those of you in the NYC area, I'll be in town this Saturday (that is, December 19) if you'd like to catch up. My tentative plan is to explore the shops during the day before grabbing a sushi dinner at Bamboo 52... and then from there I have no idea. My bus out of there won't leave until roughly 4 AM Sunday morning, so I will definitely be available to hang out with any of you night owls or vampires. 😛

Speaking of night owls and vampires, I actually went out to one of our local goth spots -- DC Midnight -- this past Saturday to see Xuberx play. It was a little disappointing, since I primarily went to see Liebchen perform and apparently she's no longer with the band, but it wasn't an entirely unpleasant experience. If nothing else, the Meeting Place (the bar where Midnight is held) serves great turkey burgers.

That said, I will say that I don't especially like going to Midnight -- which is probably why I go there very rarely (I was last there in May; before that was probably sometime in 2007) and generally only to see certain acts. That's not necessarily saying much, since as a rule I'm not terribly fond of social gatherings, but I have a particular issue with Midnight... or rather with certain attendees. Nearly every time I have shown up at Midnight, someone has asked me, "What are you?" (more...)

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December 13, 2009
My best friend is gone for good
Category: Miscellany

In loco Bacardi

I have Ramses filling in, but it's just not the same. 🙁

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