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April 3, 2004
Judgment reviewed.
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So I just got through watching Judgment on dvd. I pulled it out of the massive $5.50 bin in Walmart, and -- I'll be honest -- I was expecting it to really suck. Granted, I expected it to be awfully entertaining. After all, it had Mr. T, larger than life, on the dvd cover, and the premise of the movie has to do with the trial of none other than God Him/Her/Itself. (more...)

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March 31, 2004
Lavu Lavu!
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It's been a while since we've had a substantial post. I meant to detail those wacked-out recent dreams of mine, but they can wait.

Blogger pal Dawn has written another entry addressing the issue of same-sex marriage, cleverly titled "There's Something About 'Marry'". She begins her post by noting a "typical tactic" used by those in favor of same-sex marriage to discredit their opponents: "creating the impression of moral equivalency so people will believe that any opposition to homosexual marriage equals bigotry." (more...)

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March 7, 2004
Wes's Deal Breakers! (And a lot of indignation...)
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Well, given the recent cavalcade of substantial posts (why can't I be this prolific with my fiction writing?), I'm going to try and write a relatively light-hearted entry tonight. While I'm trying to stay out of the replacement theology debate that's going on over at Dawn's (and though my understanding of the issue is limited, it seems to me that replacement theology not only seems like a logical step to make, but also has a few Biblical verses sort of going for it), I did want to respond to a few points in her latest post. But I may just do that by e-mail. Speaking of e-mail, Mac made a few points in our ongoing dialogue with respect to my last post -- I'll have to get clearance first to post them here, but they're worth adding to the record. And I also wanted to say a few more words on the matter (in conjunction with my commentary on Dawn's points), but those can wait for now. (more...)

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March 6, 2004
Silly Rabbit...
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Given the recent blog hubbub concerning Jews (see the links in my last entry), I thought I'd write a bit about Judaism itself. Let me preface it by saying that my understanding of Judaism is admittedly limited and that I mean no offense to practicing Jews or anyone else who might take offense to what is written here -- and that if you have something to say about the matter, barring careless accusations of Nazi-rific anti-Semitism on my part (yes, I've gotten those before), please e-mail me your comments. Thanks! (more...)

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March 5, 2004
Scary-Crayon updated! And a word about cops.
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New Scary-Crayon article: A McDonald's Cup Review. Not a fancy plastic promo cup either -- just your regular run-of-the-mill wax paper cup you get with any ol' McDonald's beverage purchase. Enjoy!

New blog link added: Mac Swift's Vessel of Honour. And both Mac and Dawn offer up posts about Jewishness -- Dawn, in "Who's a Jew?", discusses what it means to be a Jew (with reference to the latter part of my recent post "Feelin' Fine"), and Mac in "Love that Jew!" So if you're interested, give those a read. I still think that Joey -- who only began playing up his supposed "Jewishness" in the last year or so, from what I've seen anyway -- is full of crap, but in all honesty I thought that anyway. This is a guy who took a train to Canada back in 1999 to pick up a prostitute (since he wants to be a politician and therefore didn't want to break any American laws -- how Clintonesque) so that he could say he "fucked in two millennia" and this past Christmas loudly sang, "Ann Coulter is a racist bitch!" upon sighting the woman in the flesh on Christmas Day, for crying out loud. Why is it that I'm acquainted with so many awful people? I dunno. (more...)

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