Thus revealed, the creature buried its nose in the tire-tilled soil...
July 16, 2004
A rebuttal.
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Quick post before I start getting ready to work the closing shift. Not to continue to go on and on about a dreary and depressing subject, but wanted to respond to a general attitude towards suicide and those who choose to commit it -- that suicide is "the easy way out."

That's false. Patently so. (more...)

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June 30, 2004
Bookstore blues, drawing onslaught.
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Hey, sorry about the brief posting hiatus. Hopefully the artwork in this piece (among other things) will make up for it, and hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with a new SC article. In the meantime, hop over to the main page, read the Site Talk block, and write me with answers to my questions! They would be most helpful. And, y'know, leave donations if you want. 😉 (more...)

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June 18, 2004
Vaya con dios, Duncan MacPhish.
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Well, I was going to write about how awful my day was (with one notable exception), but then something else happened... so it is with a heavy heart that I bid farewell to someone who's lived in this house almost as long as I can remember. (more...)

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June 8, 2004
On "Brain Candy" and "Brain Food".
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If you haven't read the previous entry, scroll down (or click here) and do that first. And comment! A Random Lunch #4 is still scheduled for later today (I'm about to start writing it in a bit), so STAY TUNED.

I was going to leave this as a quick comment on Greg's latest post, but it got kinda long so I figured I'd make an entry of it -- some thoughts on his distinction between "brain candy" and "brain food". (more...)

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May 29, 2004
Comments on the "Buffy" series finale.
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Nothing new tonight, but since Tina commented on the "Angel" finale entry and wanted to know the extent of my grievances with the "Buffy" series finale, I popped over to a Buffy board on which I've been posting for some time and looked up my old comments on it. In case it doesn't come out as well in these older reviews (though I think it does), I'll preface these remarks by noting that my dislike of the series finale was the logical end of my immense disappointment with the final season as a whole. And, of course, I'd been upset with the series since the beginning of Season 6, since I felt then and still feel to this day that Buffy should've ended with Season 5. In addition to Buffy's ultimate sacrifice and the rather triumphant ending despite her death, it was pretty much driven home that while there might have been fun from time to time, the life of the Slayer must ultimately be an unpleasant one, fraught with conflict... and that the Slayer's fight never really ends until she's dead. (more...)

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