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September 28, 2002
rum baby rum (From fall 2002...)
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Because it's certainly not the champagne. Or is it? I'm such a lightweight. Haha yup. Funny drunk Wes. So tonight was the Morse Screw. If you're not familiar with screw dances, they're when your room/suitemates get together and basically set you up with a blind date for the dance. Sometimes you point to a girl and say, "I think she's hot," and your roomies/suities (haha, suities) do their best to hook you up, other times they just go for it without you. It's called a screw because of obvious reasons, and because, sometimes, your live-in-mates really screw you over if you get a bad date. HA HA. So yeah.

Anyway I don't really talk to my suitemates so there was no screwing there. But I did go to the pre-party. Had a couple of cups of champagne and in between them I mixed a rum/coke/cranberry juice dealy. It wasn't very good but it lit me up pretty quickly. I didn't think I put enough rum to do much, but apparently I was wrong. But like I said, lightweight. Blah.

I actually talked to a few people at the thing. Well, they talked to me. Which is cool, because it means I'm not actually invisible. One of my suitemates from freshman year was there, so I talked to Dave and his date, Eleanor, for a bit. Dave's always cool. He's like exactly the kind of person I'd hate, your stereotypical party type really involved college guy (he's also a freshman counselor), except he's less fake and more genuine. I'd be inclined to brand him as a fake, though, if I didn't actually know him and if he hadn't helped me out a few times. Like when I went to the Yale-Harvard game and couldn't get ahold of the people I was supposed to be staying with, I was pretty much stranded on the cold cold cold streets of Boston until I ran into Dave and his friends and he asked if I could stay with them. And when he says, "How are you?" it seems like he's really interested in knowing, and if I say, "Not too well," he asks what's wrong. So yeah. His date was pretty cool too, I've obviously talked to her a few times before but I don't really remember her. She remembers me, though, which is always a little awkward. She even remembers how I would stop by her suite freshman year because I had a crush on one of her suitemates ha ha. So yeah. And then another girl liked my ankh. w00t.

So then I left and was in that drunken I-want-to-talk-to-people mood. I called up most of the few people I knew. That's like five people. One wasn't around, one was getting ready to go to the screw, Julie had company, one was my sister KED, who generally doesn't like to talk to me on the phone. So she didn't. She did message me for a bit on AIM though. That rainbow text sucks. KED's such a lamer haha. So yeah. Then I called Sarah and talked with her for like two hours. Good conversation, I think. Sarah's pretty cool. I don't think I talk to her enough. I've never actually called her and talked to her on the phone, so that was nice. I just hope I didn't bug her with my drunken ramblings.

Anyway I felt sober enough during the conversation since I didn't think I sounded too stupid. But then after we got off the phone I started talking to Stan on AIM, and while I'm at the PC I always jump around too, and I could tell by my animated awkwardness that I was still pretty drunk. Which I still am. From hardly anything. I'm going to be hella crazy next weekend when I have the birthday haha. So yeah.

I'm going to go devour some cookies now. Greeeeeeedy Wes.

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