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May 18, 2007
I'm frightened
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From the Scams section of the Wikitravel China Travel Guide:

Just as you?re leaving a tourist attraction, a friendly couple approaches you, speaking excellent English. They might claim to be tourists, they might say they're studying at a local university, or the story might go that one person is showing his out-of-town friend around. Since you are walking along together, a very polite, pleasant and friendly conversation starts... As it so happens, the relatives/friends were on their way to a special festival, or going for a cup of tea, so wouldn't you like to come along... and after a short walk you end up in a tea house somewhere in a mall, with no special exhibition in sight. If you go along for the ride you will enjoy a full tea ceremony, with your new friends translating, which does end up being very interesting to see and quite delicious to taste, but unfortunately at a price that is way over the odds. ...

Also beware of the scam operating in many of the larger cities where attractive women or a friendly group of students entice you into a tea shop, bars or karaoke parlor. They show you a menu with a price on it and once you finish your drinks and ask for the bill, they produce a completely different price list that lists everything at much higher rates. It's wise to verify prices in writing or simply to pay in cash up front for each round of drinks.

This sounds really messed up! I hope the roving gangs of hot women do not take advantage of me. 🙁

In other news, WordPress 2.2 was apparently released the other day. Not sure whether I will upgrade before or after I return, though!

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