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April 4, 2008
No Overseas Job for Old Wes
Category: Dreams

So yeah, I didn't get that teaching job in Japan. It's not entirely unexpected given how horribly the interview went, but I'm still pretty disappointed about it. Ah well -- I'll mope about it for the next few days and then come up with some new ideas. It's lame consolation, but at least now I'll be around when DCUC Wave 3 is released. Grundy will crush.

And hey, "Doctor Who" Series 4 starts tomorrow, so I can't be too sad. 😐

That said, I was upset enough to hop back into bed after getting the rejection e-mail and drift off into unconsciousness for a few more hours... whereupon I dreamed I was at a strange gathering with a bunch of random people. In the end it degenerated into a brawl of sorts -- I ultimately woke up during Bill Richardson's attempt to talk me out of beating the hell out of Chris Crocker for intentionally spilling punch on my shirt. Blame the CNN political ticker and this week's "South Park" episode for that last part.

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