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April 3, 2004
Scary-Crayon updated! with goth girls.
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That last post was done at what, past 5 AM? You should've known I wouldn't be awake/functioning in time to whip the food article into shape. But I do have Crayon Poetry Corner #2 for you -- it's a playful little number I wrote up the other day, entitled "goth girl". So you know what it's about. Mostly. 😉

And speaking of goth girls, have a look at Mandy Winslow.

Mandy Winslow, goth girl extraordinaire!

An e-mail with her picture showed up in a clever advertisement for the new X-Files game, which was set up like a newsletter of sorts and briefly detailed several strange incidents. Now, usually I'm not a fan of ads, especially when they come with graphics, but this was pretty neat stuff -- you could even click to read "Page 2" and the link would take you to a continuation of the article on the Vivendi Universal Games website. I was impressed. And Mandy...well, I won't deny it, I think she's really hot. I'd date her in a second. Anyway, here's a bit of the story, quoted from the ad:

Three unidentified Red Falls residents were found dead last week... The victims appear to have been strangled and brutalized by the assailant's bare hands. Local residents describe the crime scene as "horrific" and "ungodly." Indications are that the victims had one or more limbs severed from their bodies, possibly before they were actually murdered. ...

Local residents however have their own ideas and suggest that two local girls, Mandy and Katlyn Winslow, are somehow responsible for the murders. The two twin sisters are known throughout the town as practitioners of witchcraft and are thought to be involved.

"Those two girls are evil" one resident told us. "Ever since they came to this town people have been disappearing and all of these strange things are happening. We are through thinking this is some teenage prank. These girls are doing the work of Satan and need to be stopped."

Mysteriously, the girls seemed to have disappeared shortly after the murders were committed.

That's pretty good for a game advertisement, don't you think? I'm already interested in examining the case with Mulder and Scully. But how could such sweet and delicate hands strangle three people to death? Poor Mandy, a victim of small-town prejudices against those with different beliefs and styles of dress. I can relate. And now she is missing! I hope you are somewhere safe, Mandy my darling.

I'll have the amazing food article up whenever I get around to it...hopefully Monday at the latest. In the meantime, why don't you read my review of Judgment? (Click or scroll down, you know the drill. :P) And as always, comments via e-mail are welcome and appreciated. Ja!

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