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February 8, 2005
The NYC recap!
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Hey all! Just a quick post to let the lot o' ye know I'm doing alright. I'm currently on the second leg of my Northern tour, having left New York City early Monday morning and writing to you LIVE from Boston, Mass. New York was pretty sweet! In addition to catching up with an old college pal and learning the depressing fates of a number of my classmates (depressing for me, that is, since just about everyone seems to be doing so well and making so much of him/herself), I snagged a ton of films in NYC's Chinatown -- The Twins Effect, Protégé de la Rose Noire, Lavender, The Eye, Midnight Fly, Golden Chicken 2, Sakuya: The Slayer of Demons, Tomie: Forbidden Fruit, and one other film I can't find an IMDb listing for. Not to mention that two thirds of these are DVDs -- as opposed to VCDs -- so that's like a milligram of Viagra for my DVD penis. What a haul!

I also got to hang out with a few members of the blogger crew, so that was pretty cool. Dave proved to be a pretty cool guy as Otis Funkmeyer rocked the Baggot Inn on Friday night, after which I hung out with the complain-o-blogger and a few of his buddies at a quiet bar nearby. (Thanks for the advice, guys -- I'll definitely have to try when I get back!) And on Sunday I made it to The Anonymous Blogger's Supa-bowl party and got to see, in addition to the host, and among others, Caren, Esther, Phil, Sarah, and Val! And then there was the elusive Dawn Eden. Hmmmmmm. Seriously, though -- and this should really be Bob's line, but I don't think he's said it yet -- there were some very attractive persons in attendance at that shindig, such that, for the purpose of describing them, I've coined the term "adorgeous" (a combination of "adorable" and "gorgeous"). Okay, I'll stop now before I get myself into trouble. 😉

And then, after the game, I spent about three and a half hours hanging out at the Duplex. It was pretty cool! I'm not sure how it would be on a packed night, as everyone seems to know everyone and it may not be the best spot to hang out by yourself if you're looking for company, but on a quiet Superbowl Sunday night it ended up being a pretty friendly place for a poor wayfaring traveler like myself to rest his bones. Brian Nash was bloody fantastic on the piano, and everyone who took the microphone could sing exceedingly well, especially waitress Kate Pazakis, whose show, The Sexless Years, is running at the upstairs cabaret on Feb. 12 at 7:00PM and Feb. 21 at 9:30PM. For those of you in the area, I highly recommend checking it out! Yeah, yeah, I know this sounds like an advertisement, but the girl can sing!

One of the waitresses (who just happened to be really hot) called me cute, too, and how often does that happen? But I bet she says that to all the boys.

So that's my recap of my time in NYC. More on Boston later (it's only my second day here, and we've yet to check out the goth scene), but things are pretty cool so far -- had a great lunch today at Pizzeria Uno and picked up a Sister Jill dollgure at one of Boston's many comic shops. SISTA JILL! So yeah, I'm doing well. That'll change when I get back to MD, though, so don't go getting too excited. 😉

Ja ne, minna-san! Hope to see you NYC folks again sometime.

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