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June 15, 2006
I’m a terrible singer, but…
Category: Audio … Dreams here for my best attempt to reproduce a song I overheard in a dream last night, or at least what I can remember of it. (The recording is less than 20 seconds long, so hopefully you won't find it to be too painful.) I'm thinking of trying to flesh it out and turn it into something for Crayon Poetry Corner.

Other things that happened in the dream -- I was in one of my old high school classrooms at the end of the day with two fellow students, neither of whom I have thought about in years and one of whom I couldn't and can't even remember by name (so to make up for it in the dream, I constantly referred to the other one by name). The nameless one was trying to give me these two heaping styrofoam containers of french fries and marinated shrimp and egg fried rice she said she'd acquired for me from fancy restaurants, but seeing as how the fries had the words "Burger King" written on them (which is weird, because I've never seen a fry from Burger King or anywhere else that had the restaurant name somehow burned onto its surface) I had my doubts about their origin. In any case, I couldn't carry both containers, so I was trying to get out of there with only one -- the fried rice container -- which made her incredibly sad because she wanted me to have both so I had to try to convince her that I wasn't trying to insult her by taking only one of them.

Meanwhile, the other student waited for me for whatever reason, which is odd because we weren't really good friends and while I think we went to the same high school the last time I can recall really speaking to him was when we served on the same Odyssey of the Mind team in elementary school (his mom was the coach). Seemed like we were best buds in the dream and went everywhere together, though, which is also odd because I had no real best buds in high school and traveled to my classes solo.

So finally I decided that maybe I could fit the food from both containers into a single one, which satisfied the girl and got her to stop crying. Then she started trying to give me these stacks of dusty vinyl records, so my best bud and I ended up leaving the classroom (which was now covered with cobwebs) with me carrying this huge container of lukewarm food and him toting the record heap. I woke up when we started down the stairs. I think at another point in the dream I was waiting in an extremely long cafeteria line to buy an ice cream sandwich or something.

I'm not sure how the song fit into all of this, but I do tend to hear a lot of nonexistent songs in my dreams. Provided I don't receive any complaints and/or lawsuits for making your ears bleed, perhaps I'll post more short recordings of them in the future. Yesh. 😛

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  • the Jax says:

    Wow! I like the song! Total "Tolkien-metal". We had an earthquake this morning, but it was small and everyone I know slept right through it.

  • Molly says:

    That was far too entertaining. It reminds me of those short theme songs for cartoon shows... I think you should develop a master of disaster comic. RIGHT NOW.

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