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December 24, 2007
More Lego Dalek pics
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Davros's creations in assorted sizes!

So here are those additional Lego Dalek pictures I promised! I've left the digital exposure down on these photos so that the Special Weapons Dalek doesn't blend completely into the background, but you can see here that -- at 3.5" versus 5" and 4.5", respectively -- the Lego Daleks are quite a bit smaller than my official Character Options figures and paper Daleks. (They're about the same size as the shuttlecock Daleks, but for some reason it didn't occur to me to include them in this photo at the time of its taking.) I figured they'd be about this size given the sizes of the Lego pieces I used to make them and whatnot, but it's still kind of odd (yet neat!) to see a 3D render that's been blown up on my laptop screen reduced to a tiny tangible 3D object formed from a bag of 150+ even tinier pieces. 🙂

''Exterminate the Doctor's thighs!''

And here they are closing in on the 9th Doctor! Despite the smaller scale (and I really can't think of any way to rectify that without messing up the proportions), I'm rather happy with how the Lego Daleks turned out. They were fairly sturdy to begin with, but I've made some further improvements to the designs using extra Lego pieces I had around (namely internal adjustments to the primarily hollow structure of the original base that fill in spaces) to increase their stability even more. The most unstable part of the Lego Daleks, however, was the Special Weapons Dalek's cannon, which was kind of wobbly at first and was prone to falling off if I tilted the figure forward too much. I've since tightened it up by painting the interiors of the endpieces with clear nail polish, so now it's perfect. Feels kind of like cheating, but it's not like I glued or cut pieces or anything. 😉

In other news, one of the Christmas presents I have already received is a 16" x 16" x 16" lighting studio, so the digital exposure adjustment trickery should soon be a thing of the past! Look forward to seeing tests with that in the near future. Also, for those of you that are interested in checking it out, I posted that Madballs review and comparison article last week on SC. For old folks that actually remember the original 1986 Madballs, it's at least worth a look for some of the comparison photos. 🙂

Anyway, that is all for now. Hope y'all are having a happy holiday season! As Tiny Tim might say, "God bless you -- every one." Except I'm not Tiny Tim and don't really go in for "God bless" statements, so feel free to modify that statement accordingly -- while more or less retaining the general sentiment -- and pretend I said it. 😉

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