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December 3, 2011
Fluttershy is love
Category: Toys

I heart Fluttershy.

I shampooed and conditioned Fluttershy's hair! And then I curled her hair at the ends by way of a straw set (or at least that's what my sister says the technique is called).

Stop judging me. 🙁

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  • mickelodeon says:

    I think wee Fluttershy looks beautiful. Good job with styling her hair! XD

    • Wes says:

      Thank you! I'm still messing with it -- experimenting with using gel and whatnot to see if I can get it to stay in points at the end while retaining its softness elsewhere. 🙂

  • Nick says:

    Man... so Wes I haven't checked your site in a couple years but I've somehow become fascinated and every so often I find myself wondering "what's going on with that guy now?". I met you a couple times in high school so I know you're my age. What is going on with you? Really? I'm a bit concerned. I sort of thought the posts about ninja turtle figures and whatnot were endearing, and you've got an undeniably charming childlike fascination with the world. But man, you are about my age (30-ish) and are you seriously playing with My Little Ponies? Look, I'm not even trying to be mean, but half your life is gone by now. What are you doing? What. The . "Bloody". Fuck. Are. You. Doing? I remember a couple years ago you were looking for a job in NYC and were working on a book. I don't check this site often, but next time I stop by I expect you to be doing something big. In fact I guess that's why I keep checking in because I know someday you are going to change and I don't want to miss how great you'll turn out.

    As a person who suffered bi-polar depression for 20 years and screwed up alot of things in my life, I want to tell you it's never too late to change. Good luck out there, really.

    • Wes says:

      Insofar as they are genuine, I appreciate your concern and well-wishes. I hope that I end up doing something big in the (hopefully not too distant) future as well. 🙂

      But regarding the ponies -- dude! C'mon, you know that I collect toys. My Little Ponies are toys. I like adorable things. My Little Ponies are adorable. And I appreciate great (and admittedly really terrible) cartoons. "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" is actually a pretty great cartoon, and I'd defend it to anyone. (As much as I love the Ninja Turtles, MLP trumps any of the various TMNT cartoons in terms of writing, educational value, and cuuuteness.) So it's really not that much of a stretch that I'd end up collecting adorable toys based on a great cartoon, and the mere fact of that shouldn't cause you concern.

      (Yes, MLP toys they're fairly lacking lacking in articulation compared to most of the figures I buy, but they also have rooted hair -- and somehow styling and brushing their hair, for me, is comparable to posing superhero figures if somewhat more frustrating. Also, ponies are comparatively cheap, and if there's anything predictive of my collecting habits it's cost. DVDs, toys, books -- I do have a fairly large personal library -- if I find it remotely interesting and it's inexpensive, you can bet that I'll ultimately end up possessing it in abundance. Maybe that is cause for concern insofar as it suggests a tendency towards a kind of obsession, but not simply that I now collect ponies.)

      Anyway, thank you for the comment! Please do send me an e-mail if you're really interested in checking in with me (or have further advice and/or connections I could use) -- since even if I were doing big things (I'm not at the moment) I wouldn't necessarily post about them here. But if/when that happens, I can almost guarantee that, despite whatever success I'm enjoying, I will display a gang of My Little Ponies will be prominently on some shelf of mine (alongside Ninja Turtles and various other figures, of course). I will smile whenever I walk past them.

      (And they probably won't be the only things on my shelf that you'd find potentially upsetting. Did you hear that the Care Bears are set to make a comeback as well? :D)

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