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December 2, 2018
Plattsburgh knot achievement earned!
Category: Miscellany

So because I mostly approach tie knots as sets of moves rather than by name -- and because I tend to tie them according to my mood while preparing for a given outing -- it's possible for me to tie a knot and venture forth without knowing precisely which knot I've tied. Upon reviewing the maneuver I executed this morning with reference to a thorough list of knot names, I've determined that today was likely the first day I ever wore a Plattsburgh knot out in public.

Also, don't tell anyone, but apparently the knot I'd lately been telling myself was a Grantchester was actually a St. Andrew -- but I'm almost certain I've publicly called it a St. Andrew as well (it's the knot I wore throughout our run of The Merchant of Venice), so maybe knot. Knot! Ha ha ha. I'm actually not sure I've worn a proper Grantchester all that many times, though I know I've frequently tied a weird unnamed variant of it. (I guess it's technically also a weird unnamed variant of the St. Andrew knot as well -- it contains all of the moves of both knots, so it just depends upon how one interprets the order. So my fondness for that particular knot and knowledge of its ambiguous heritage probably have something to do with my Grantchester/St. Andrew confusion!)

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