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December 2, 2018
Currently pondering: knit ties
Category: Miscellany

Currently pondering: knit ties. I don't have any yet and would like to own one or several (I do have one wool tie that I break out on occasion), but I'm curious about how I'd make it work for me. Like, I rarely see knit ties knotted in ways I find compelling (though they often look nice enough), and even the pages I just read via a google search recommended smaller, simpler knots with knit ties. And the reasoning makes sense enough -- a bulky knot would probably look bad with most knit ties -- but I'm just not in love with the result. Whenever I do acquire a knit tie (and assuming the resultant look isn't awful), I imagine I'll use it as a rare excuse to wear an Onassis knot. I'm not generally a fan of that one (it's not *really* a knot IMO), but I think here it'd work.

At any rate, now I'm pondering the idea of knit ties with unconventional shapes (like, standard narrow at the onset but then flare out in exaggerated fashion at the wide end) to produce a kind of knit cravat look. That, I think, would be interesting.

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