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November 27, 2018
Those High-Energy YouTubers
Category: Miscellany

So it is late, and I ended up watching random YouTube videos, and I think I figured out one of the things I dislike about so many YouTube personalities! Like, I've always known there's something about their mode of speaking that I find so offputtingly artificial, but until tonight I'd never really connected it to the seams and frequent cuts in the videos. Now it occurs to me that they're saying a thing, then stopping the video (whether to repeat flubbed lines or simply for effect I have no idea), then resuming with a new take -- such that pretty much every single sentence is delivered with the energy and enthusiasm of an opening line. And while I generally tend to find television presenters' delivery styles to be unnatural and somehow repellent, hooooly crap would that explain why I find YouTube personalities to be so especially exhausting. It's all just so aggressively fake.

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