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November 14, 2007
Taco Trek
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For some reason I was under the impression that the free taco giveaway at Taco Bell took place during the first week of November, but apparently it was on Tuesday, October 30. Not that that's particularly important -- I only mention it because if I'd realized that earlier I would've written about it first rather than Halloween. 🙂

Anyway, that day marked the first time in quite a while that I've eaten beef, which I generally avoid unless I accidentally order it (for example, at a Chinese restaurant where the servers fail to understand my inquiries about the contents of a particular dish) or really want to sample some dollar store delicacy (like when White Castle burgers first showed up in the Dollar Tree freezer). This time, it was because the free taco deal only worked for beef tacos and I like free tacos. Or at least I like getting free tacos, since in truth all of the free tacos and burritos that I can actually recall consuming weren't really fantastic. This taco was no different, and having eaten it I can confidently say that I am not at all inclined to reincorporate beef or Taco Bell tacos (no offense, dearest Mick!) into my diet any time soon. Personally, I'd rather have a bowl of frozen corn (microwaved or heated in the toaster oven, natch, though I am not averse to crunchy handfuls of frozen corn from time to time) and mayonnaise with pepper and garlic salt. Mmmm.

Speaking of corn and other such vegetables, how did Brussels sprouts get such a reputation for being disgusting? I bought some this week and they are fantastic. And they're even better in a bowl with corn and mayonnaise and pepper and garlic salt! And of course you can toss in other veggies -- peas, cauliflower, broccoli, and okra -- for maximum delectability. 😉

So the day that I picked up the free taco, I ended up walking all over half of town. First I went to the Taco Bell at the mall, since that was the closest to Best Buy -- which I wanted to visit because I had this triple points coupon that had to be used during my birthday month -- but, being a Taco Bell of the express variety, that mall wasn't participating in the promotion. So since it was approaching 4 PM and the free tacos were only available between 2 and 5, I left the mall and walked to the next closest Taco Bell (which, according to Mapquest, is 1.71 miles away driving, and one takes the same route on foot since there are no shortcuts). Then, after getting the lame taco, I came back to Best Buy in the vicinity of the mall (add another 2.20 miles). I hardly mind the walking, of course -- I just mention all of this to give you an idea of roughly how long the "Journeyman" opening theme (or listen to the full song) was looping nonstop in my head. Again, I didn't mind this at all, as it's a pretty catchy theme and is perfect for just walking along. I did mind when a group of college kids -- I think they were college kids -- rode by in an SUV and completely silenced the music by shouting, "FAGGOT!" at me at some point during the walk. I don't know how visibly affected I was, but people driving by shouting demeaning slurs at people they don't know a goddamned thing about really pisses me off. (Not that their knowing anything about the targets of their insults would necessarily make the act any more justifiable or any less infuriating, but still.) Even if that taco had been absolutely delicious, the bad taste that that incident left in my mouth probably would've mitigated my enjoyment of it.

But then I got some DVDs (and ink cartridges, hence the triple points coupon) at Best Buy and felt a little better. The theme music played on.

And I was planning to segue into my thoughts about "Journeyman" and other shows I've been watching this season, but I'll save that for next time. 'Till then, minna-san! :mrgreen:

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