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September 26, 2018
D. Dungeons, T. House, and apprentice directing!
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Dark Dungeons is free to watch on Amazon Prime!!!

Dark Dungeons is apparently an officially licensed adaptation of the titular Chick tract. (Despite my enduring love of those delightfully awful little comics, I hadn't heard of the film until a recent convo with several Rudes members.) I am suuuuper excited to watch.

(Btw, re: the Rudes -- I did mention that I joined a theater troupe this year, didn't I? I guess I might not have. I joined a theater troupe -- the Rude Mechanicals -- and have been in two plays. And now, as mentioned below, I'm apprentice directing. Huzzah!)

I mention this in part because I am apprentice directing a show -- Uncle Vanya! -- to start laying the groundwork and gaining the necessary experience and knowledge to someday direct a show myself. I really, really want to see a community theater incarnation of a Chick tract/Hell House/Judgement House type production, and part of me is thinking that if I want to see that I'd have to direct it myself. (But part of me is thinking I'd also need to write it -- which I could totally do; working title: "Tarnation House" -- which would potentially complicate matters. Hm.)

Anyway, so far we're involved in auditions and casting, which is super interesting but also includes some decidedly undesirable elements. I'm thinking a production like the production I'm imagining might be uniquely immune to those challenges, though, and I'm enjoying seeing how the Vanya process plays out (and offering what contributions I can) while tinkering with [Tarnation House] in my head.

That said, during the apprenticing process, I think I am going to miss acting. While I might not necessarily have been cast in Vanya in any case, I've very much enjoyed partnering and reading with auditioning actors as necessary. And it is kind of neat to learn that acting might be a thing I actually do enjoy (as opposed to a thing I stumbled into and only continued to do in order to maintain some semblance of social interaction). Go figure!

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