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September 7, 2007
The new Daleks on the block...
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Convertors: Avarians Robat -- Knockoff Edition

Wes Crayon (1:03:26 PM): but yeah if I could a) have sex or b) have Transformers, I'd be all about the second letter of the alphabet

I think the person with whom I was chatting at the time was extremely annoyed by the comment -- like in a "ugh whatever you f'n LOSER" kinda way -- but it is so true! Even cheap knockoffs of figures from other transforming robot lines are pretty fun to fiddle with. I'd never have heard of Convertors if I hadn't come across this guy, but now I feel like I've learned something! Nothing exceedingly important or enlightening, mind you, but still interesting... at least if you're me. 🙂

Speaking of knockoff transforming robots from alternate lines, I posted a review of two figures from the Quick Change Dinobots 4-pack over at Scary-Crayon. I should have the other two reviewed sometime next week. And De, your question regarding Slag and Triceradon has been answered -- in depth -- in the attendant SC blog entry. :mrgreen:

All for now, then. This is Wes, converting and creeping out!

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  • Albert says:

    Then there's the natural conclusion, c) having sex WITH a Transformer, but I don't think most would want that.

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