Thus revealed, the creature buried its nose in the tire-tilled soil...
August 20, 2018
A Vampire's Mercy? Ha, ha.
Category: Dreams

So last night I dreamed that I was somehow affiliated with/employed by a crime boss. Said crime boss: Lucien LaCroix, of Forever Knight fame. Just as I wasn't entirely sure what I did for him even in the dream -- he'd summoned me to his 10th floor condo for some unknown purpose; ultimately all he did was pat me on the shoulder and tell me to have a good night -- I wasn't sure whether he was really a vampire or not.

Also in the dream: his top assassin, Mercy (in the dream, Mercy was played by Missy Peregrym; also why are so many assassins named "Mercy"?). Mercy also apparently served as a kind of doorman/guide in LaCroix's building, since she retrieved me from my cab (after she shot the driver in the head; that one really freaked me out) and walked with me up the stairs to the boss's condo. For some reason the thought of taking an elevator didn't occur to us.

More stuff happened afterward -- once we reached the 10th floor, I had to get to LaCroix's condo by using a special remote key to raise a large flat-screen TV in a common area, which revealed a crawlspace that led to a long, barren corridor (Mercy stayed behind to watch whatever was on). There was also the oddly paternal chat with LaCroix -- and before that, I also had a telephone conversation with my actual dad, whom I called out of concern that LaCroix was planning to kill me.

But the highlight was definitely the stairwell interaction with Mercy. Apparently Mercy and I had an established rapport -- we teased and shoved each other on the way up the stairs, and this was one of the few occasions I can actually recall a character referring to me by my actual name in a dream -- and by the time we passed the 8th floor I was thinking maybe I should finally ask Mercy out. But I was hesitant because, among other reasons, we were both LaCroix's employees, and also Mercy regularly killed people. Kinda makes a guy nervous. (Especially since I asked her if she knew what LaCroix wanted, and she responded with a laugh that maybe he wanted me to be one of his drivers. Yeah, girl had jokes.)


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