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August 15, 2004
YAY reunion!!!
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Well, I was definitely surprised at how much I enjoyed myself at that reunion. I pretty much expected to be sitting on a stool with my back to the bar, watching all of the people who actually knew and remembered each other mingling and having a good time while I drank away my sorrows and hummed Billy Joel's "Pianoman" to myself, but to my surprise people not only recognized and remembered me but actually seemed glad to catch up with me (and in direct violation of the "I hate everyone" rule, the reverse was true as well). So yeah, it was great. In the coming days I'll probably post a few more pics from the event (or not; we'll see), but in the meantime here are a couple...

Pam and Wes

Here I am with the lovely Pam (hey, that rhymed), one of the few people from high school with whom I actually kept in touch over the years. I've mentioned Pam before -- hell, we endured the horrific suckfest that was the Dawn of the Dead remake back in April (see the relevant blog entry here). So yeah, while other folks from high school told me I was too dull, depressing, and/or not fun enough to continue to talk to, Pam hung in there with me. 'Cause she's awesome. In fact, some of the most enjoyable times I've had in recent months can be chalked up to Pam's presence. So THANKS A MILLION (ugh, I really need a new job...), Pam.

Wes and Cyrus

And Cyrus is pretty much the other person I've kept in touch with over the years. I had some reservations about posting this pic on the site or giving him the blackbar or pixelation effect -- protection of the innocent and all that -- but then I remembered that I've been to not one but two anime conventions with this guy and that he didn't spend those weekends wearing a Tengu mask to hide his face. If you're willing to be seen in public at an anime convention, you've pretty much got no shame. Not to mention that one of those years I was walking around with a palm tree keyring hot glued to a thingy I had sticking in my hair. I was embarrassed to be seen with myself with that half-assed cosplay outfit. (That's a lie; few things amuse me more than half-assed cosplays.) So Cyrus is pretty cool too, having introduced me to lots of new anime over the years and having engaged me in interesting discussions on a number of varied topics -- if I recall correctly, we started out discussing anime and video games, then for a while we were having interesting religious debates, and now we're back to anime and also talk about webcomics from time to time (Sinfest is a current favorite). Perhaps there's a natural progression at work there. Hmmm.

Mike and Wes

And here's me with Mike. It's been a while since I actually spoke with Mike -- we kept up for a while after high school on IM, but my IM list has been flubbed and cleared so many times since then. I still have the same nick, though (if it were as easy to change the nick as it is on ICQ, since it's the number that remains constant, I'd be "S-Crayon Wes" by now or something), and apparently Mike kept tabs on me and has visited the site, which I thought was really cool. I wonder how many other folks FROM MY MYSTERIOUS PAST swing by the site unbeknownst to me? (And hey, if that sounds like you, do drop me a line. Even if I hated you then -- and I probably didn't, but I dunno; some folks might think I did -- I'll probably be glad to hear from you now. Grudges? Never could hold onto 'em.) Anyway, it was great catching up with Mike and talking about the current political situation, among other things. Hopefully we'll keep in touch.

So that's all of the reunion pics for now. But here's another pic for the road...


I made that the other night. Any guesses as to what it is? Three ingredients, not counting milk and sugar. And one is totally obvious because I use it as a base in most of the stuff I make in bowls. 🙂

But yeah, I had a great time at the reunion. I need to have more great times. And speaking of great times, I'm closing at the bookstore tonight! ALRIGHT! The mere thought of it makes me so happy I almost forget that I'm being sarcastic!

Almost. Ja.

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