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August 11, 2008
Nightmare Theater
Category: Dreams

Well, that was... weird.


First, I dreamed that I was at some kind of summer camp -- log cabins, hiking and canoe activities, campfire sing-a-longs, and so forth. A whole bunch of stuff happened in the dream before this, but the horrific moment came when I was flossing my teeth in the bathroom and felt one pop out. Then its neighbor popped out. I took them out and examined them, wondering whether I should wash them and try to put them back in or just leave them out -- and one of them had a wire sticking out of the top of it, which was rather weird -- when suddenly I felt like I had some large obstruction in my mouth that had essentially locked my jaw. I struggled to move my mouth, and when I finally did... all of my teeth erupted out of it in a hail of, well, teeth.

Horrified, I opened my mouth wide and looked into the mirror to confirm that, yes, but for the two teeth in my hand, all of my choppers were in the sink and on the floor. This must be a dream, I thought, and I pinched myself. No go, but it didn't hurt -- at all -- so there was hope! And then I drew back my fist with intent to punch myself really, really hard... when suddenly all of my teeth were back. Then I woke up.


Upon getting back to sleep, I then found myself in what appeared to be a Family Dollar store. I wandered around, looking at the merchandise, when suddenly some kid approached me saying that he'd found something of mine... whereupon he handed me my wallet, which was apparently no longer in my pocket. I took it from him, but upon opening it I realized that there was no way he could have known it was mine unless he was responsible for taking it or had at least witnessed the act, as all of my money, credit cards, and picture identification had been removed. I tried to get more information out of the kid, but he denied knowing anything and ran back to hang out with his friends.

The rest of the dream involved me following the kids around the store trying to convince them to "do the right thing" -- that is, to give me back my shit. At one point, my dad showed up and asked me what the Hell I was doing, and as I explained myself I noticed the kids slipping out of the store... so I promptly cut the explanation short and chased after them. Upon catching up them on the exit stairwell and effectively heading them off in the parking lot, I made one final demand that they return my stuff.

Suddenly, the friends of the kid who had "returned" my empty wallet to me turned against him, saying how he was always doing things to get them into trouble and was ultimately spoiling the group's fun. Now alone, the kid took out a rather large hammer and began advancing towards me -- saying that now he'd "do the right thing" -- as I backed away and warned him to reconsider. The kid then spun around on his heels and used the hammer to begin to smashing the windows of a police car.

An officer was on the scene at once, and, while patting the kid down, reached into his pockets and tossed my cards and cash back to me. But then he said, "You'd better take this too," and threw over something that didn't seem to be mine -- a small envelope filled with various letters. Upon taking one out and reading it, I saw that the notes contained encouraging messages from some of the kid's friends and family members: inspiring "we believe in you" sort of stuff. I gave it back. And then somehow I ended up at some anime convention, thinking that I probably didn't have enough cash to buy Konata Izumi but that using my credit card could work.

I do not think I ate anything particularly odd before going to bed, but damn.

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  • Mickelodeon says:

    Oh, for a Dream Machine, straight out of Max Headroom.

    And Theora to figure out how to use it and then teach me how to. 😉

  • dave says:

    I've had a similar dream, or theme in dreams, where my teeth start to fall out, or easily come out. I read somewhere that it's a fairly common anxiety dream - and I think it is supposed to be more specific than just anxiety. I just googled" teeth dreams" and there are a bunch of listings for it.

  • Becky says:

    I've heard that the teeth falling out one is a pretty common dream, though I can't remember what the metaphor for it is. The worst ones for me are when I dream about someone that has died and I wake up thinking that it was true, if only for a split second.

  • DrNightmare says:

    Lately, I've been having nightmares about zombies (which is why I felt like posting in that other crazy zombie post, lol). I can take on zombies, but what pisses me off about these particular episodes is that I don't have weapons to fight them with. Like, I can't even kick a wall down and swing at them with a broken 2x4. And I'm perfectly aware that it's a dream, but when I try to materialize weapons into my hands, nothing happens. It's like, I'm on a roof of some tall ass building with no way out and there's zombies flooding it from all sides. I'm like, how the fuck are those zombies getting up here!?

    Then when they're swarming me and tearing at my flesh, I wake up sweating. Ugh.

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