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July 28, 2009
Shoo-bee-doo-bop computer dreams
Category: Dreams

A few nights ago, I dreamed that my laptop had come down with a strange and persistent virus. My entire system was pretty much overrun with advertisements for a shipping company -- to the point that my Windows background, all of my desktop icons, and any image on my machine became ads -- ultimately culminating in one big ad that covered the entire screen and made it impossible for me to see any of the windows behind it. Upon [i]finally[/i] managing to shut the machine down, I attempted to reboot... only to find my startup screens also replaced by ads. It was bloody frustrating, and the ads kept thwarting me at every turn. I woke up just as I successfully booted into safe mode.

And then, tonight, I dreamed that my laptop gained sentience. Nothing really happened after that point, mind you -- the computer and I just talked, and I found the whole thing both worrisome and even a little bit cool. But while the machine didn't do anything sinister, it did refer to itself as Venjix. This was one of those worrisome/cool things. Worrisome because Venjix is the Skynet of Power Rangers RPM; cool because my computer named itself after a villainous computer system from Power Rangers. Even if I weren't evil, I'd probably do something similar if I were a sentient computer.

I think I'd pick a Decepticon name, though. 😉

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