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July 25, 2005
The NYC recap!
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But first, a word about today's interview. I think it went really well! Of course, I've been on interviews that I think went fairly well and then either didn't get the job or didn't even hear back from the company, so one never knows. Unless something comes up in the next couple of weeks, I'm pretty sure I'll take the position if they offer it to me, but no big if they don't -- I'll just skip town and head for NYC! So root for me or don't root for me, NYC area folks, depending upon how soon you'd like to have the Wes living in your midst. 😉 In any case, even if I get the job I'll be visiting again in early September -- gotta come up to meet the Beckster, you know. 🙂

What a haul!

So, NYC! I really had a great weekend there, despite learning some rather expensive lessons! I'm planning to go into some other details of the trip in a Scary-Crayon travel piece, but suffice it to say that, at least for me, fine dining is highly overrated, as apparently I have a rather unrefined palate. I know, I know -- "DUH Wes!", -- but still. Whatever. So after walking arriving in da city, I walked around Times Square and spent $40 on sushi 😐 before descending into Chinatown to buy DVDs and tiptoe around with my legs crossed because I realllllly had to pee. (Expect to hear the full story regarding that on SC, too... it's crazy, man.) My purchases appear above! In addition to the swanky AKUMA statuette, the films I got are as follows:

Troublesome Night 19
Hidden Heroes
The Mummy, Aged 19
Princess D
Timeless Romance
City Horror: Scream
Possessed (??????)
Demon World (??????)

Yeah! The question marks denote movies that I've been unable to find any information about on IMDb and several other sources. (Scream doesn't have it since, per a purchase the last time I was in NYC and subsequent research, I've discerned that City Horror is a Korean TV horror series.) Of course, when one is purchasing largely unfamiliar titles with boxes covered in foreign writing -- and especially when one's mind is focused on trying not to wet oneself! -- one must always make the mistake of purchasing a title one can't really watch. Usually I'll end up with at least one movie that isn't subtitled, but this time I failed to notice that Demon World is actually in PAL format! But ah well -- if I ever visit Europe, I know just what film to take with me. And if I ever get that new computer with a DVD burner, downloading one of those NTSC -> PAL converters and having a go at it will be among my first projects! :mrgreen:

So after that, I caught up with my dad for outdoor dining at a fancy French place. Man, escargot is great! The taste and texture reminded me of overcooked portabella mushrooms with a slight sprinkling of dirt, but I still liked 'em. And I hear they sell snails in the can? Gotta get me some of that!

And then, after dinner and a couple of drinks, it was down to the village to hang with Dave and Jesus! The night began in a venue called the Continental, but after listening to Blame Shift's set (not bad at all!) we retired to a quieter bar to talk about 80s musicians and insane dormmates and hot wimminz -- you know, the finer things in life -- while drinking the night away. (I was actually kinda proud of myself for cutting myself off where I did, as I've been known to drink until I pass out on bartops and in subway stations and whatnot. ;)) Admittedly, the hot and dirty and desperately in need of bladder relief day in Chinatown had begun to sour me on the city, but when we finished up in the bar and stepped outside I suddenly loved it again -- it was nearly 4 AM and there were people everywhere! Glorious! :mrgreen:

Oh, and just before we left the Continental, some guy was going around dropping out free CDs containing music by a band called Suede Pudding on the tables. I absently shoved it into my trenchcoat pocket and didn't give it much thought until I unloaded my deep pockets upon arriving back here, but I'm listening to that CD right now... and you know what? It's good! Fuck you, RIAA -- why should we pay out the ass for overpriced retail CDs when great music can be found on the underside of coasters? 😛

Miss Sarah!Miss Val!

And then, on Sunday, I met up with Sarah and Val to experience THE BEAST, a 30-minute speedboat ride around the perimeter of Manhattan. There's not really a lot to say about it, mind you -- we rode around while ship captain Mad Dog cracked bad jokes and his first mate kept ducking into a closet and emerging to spray us with various water weapons -- but it was a good and incredibly sexy time, what with me hanging with the pretty ladies and getting all wet and dripping and stuff. Oh baby! And I got to see the Statue of Liberty from the boat, which I think was the first time that I've actually seen the landmark in person.

Lady looks like a dude.I don't need no stinkin' sunblock.

See, there she is! And as you can see from the adjacent pic of myself, it was a very bright and sunny day -- so bright and sunny, in fact, that Val kept badgering me about wearing sunblock. Which was really hilarious, as you can imagine. I mean, c'mon, Val! I need sunblock about as badly as vampires need glow-in-the-dark sunglasses. 😛

I suck at taking photos with my right hand.

So after the Beast, the three of us met up with TAB for a quick dinner before parting company and bringing my NYC trip to a close. I'd planned on returning to the grody porn shops next to the bus station to buy some 3 for $10 porn titles before leaving -- I'd cased the joint when I first got off the bus on Saturday -- but I decided that I really didn't need DVDs featuring 5 HOURS OF NONSTOP ACTION involving rural college coeds and overweight Filipinas at the moment. Maybe next time! And then, during the bus ride back to MD, I had a weird dream about being in attendance at the wedding reception of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and stowing away with the couple in the back of a cargo van to impart a few words of wisdom before hopping out along the side of the road and discovering $23 in a brown paper bag. Yep.

Thanks to everyone who came out to see me and thereby made my weekend excursion a fun one -- I really had a blast. See y'all next time! But until then, be good to yourselves... and each other. Ja! 😀

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  • Josh says:

    great to hear you had fun

  • sounds like you had a solid time.. - sushi is always swell.. and that Akuma piece looks awesome.. - later!

  • Becky says:

    Alright! Glad you're thinking of coming back up. Second weekend in Sept. If Lori comes, we're doing to do the Sex in the City tour, so you'll have to join us. hehe. Sounds like a good time with everyone.

  • Jesus says:

    What happened to the picture you took of the onion rings from that bar?

  • Lori says:

    Ah, Wes, you totally have to do the SITC tour with us!

  • Dave says:

    Expensive lessons.... like Drinking!

  • Jazz says:

    ooo sounds like fun!!!!heehee....ive been to NYC once...too bad it wasnt for fun.....f****ing Thanksgiving Day Parade...they worked us like SLAVES! god, it was awful....but haha now i've been on T.V.! hehehe

    You know, you have wierd dreams....that coming from the grrl who had a dream about the Crypt Keeper(*shudders*) and English accents and tea....o gosh dont ask...!hehehe

    Hey I hope you get the job!:-)


  • Mickey says:

    Ahhh. NYC in the summer. Nothin' finer in the world! =)

  • Wes says:

    Mickey: 'Cept maybe you, m'chere... 😉

    Jazz: Thanks! I hope it went well too, but if not, NYC ho!

    Dave: Imagine how expensive it would've been if I'd kept going!

    Lori/Becky: OK!

    Jesus: I have it! Along with tons and tons of photos I've taken of onion rings in the past year. Seriously.

    Josh/Brian: Thanks! 😀

  • Scooterdeb says:

    Interviews are so psychically taxing. I'm hoping they offer you the job so you don't have to keep on shopping your resume all over the place. 🙂

  • Jazz says:

    Oh you know what I just heard on the radio? I heard that the best of Oprah is coming out on DVD in November....huzzah.*sigh*I hate her...heehee...

    Oh and i read ur Oyster Loaf thang....yuck! I hate oysters....they are nasty....disgusting....well, i hate all seafood(well, not all...i like shrimp!) but if you like it....yay! lol Well, actually, it did look good...and i luuuuuv the onion rings!

  • dave says:

    Yeah - an empty wallet is incentive to quit - I haven't stayed out drinking till 3:30 in a while.... It's also been a while since I had to scrounge for change by the time payday came around!

  • Mickey says:

    I read with some dismay about the Oprah DVD being released. Why, oh why, selfish DVD gods, do you hurt us with such decisions and let us go without Cobra, She Wolf Of London, and The Huntress on DVD?

    I would rather watch a DVD with Annette O'Toole in her very worst performance (but honestly, can there even be such a thing?) than Oprah at her best (but then, can there ever be such a thing?)

  • Wes says:

    Mickey/Jazz: Actually, I'm kind of looking forward to the Oprah DVD -- 'cause you just know I'm gonna review it for Scary-Crayon. :mrgreen:

    Dave: I'd never been out drinking that late before... good times. And there were still people outside! I still think that's amazing. I lurve NYC.

    Deb: Well I'm still sending my resume to places in NYC... that's pretty much been the bulk of my resume shopping. This job was an internal one, so it wasn't like I had to go very far out of my way to apply for it.

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