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July 22, 2009
Anime Crushes: Kiddy Phenil

So... goofy new category! I can think of several older posts that would make for appropriate entries (here's one), but rather than retroactively adding them to the category I think I'll just revisit those lovely animated ladies at some point. Yay! Anyway, here's our first two-dimensional dreamboat:

Cyborg women -- gotta love 'em.Name: Kiddy Phenil
Height: 166 cm (5'5")
Weight: Unknown
Blood Type: B
Eye Color: Purple
Birthplace: Australia
Birthdate: 10/4/2005
Series: Silent Mobius

After she was fatally wounded in pursuit of a rampaging megadyne cyborg, Mega-Tokyo police officer Kiddy Phenil opted to become a cyborg herself in order to destroy the being responsible for her transformation into a sexy super-strong cybernetic hottie an undesirable freak who can never live a normal life. Of course, no cyborg lass goes unwanted in any anime for long, so several episodes into "Silent Mobius" Kiddy hooks up with the jerkiest guy she can find. See, most men are understandably intimidated by a woman who routinely punches holes in concrete walls, but Kiddy likes a man remains unafraid of her and "treats her like an equal" (read: shit) even after she brutally kicks his ass multiple times.

Kiddy wears the hell out of that uniform.

As awesome (and hot) as Kiddy's newfound cybernetic body is, that other cyborg still beat the living snot out of her when their paths crossed again.

She looks great in her motorcyclin' gear, too!

And that jerky guy we mentioned? Right after he told her he loved her for the first time, he pulled a gun on her and basically told her and her teammates to stay the flip away from his scene. He didn't mean his confession, of course -- he was simply taking advantage of her emotional weaknesses long enough for him to grab his gun. (One second later, he was attacked by a swarm of demons and the heroines stepped up to save his sorry ass, thereby earning his respect.) Kiddy sure can pick 'em.

AND she can kill you in her sleep.

But then, considering that she has a nasty habit of sleep-fighting -- which, with her Herculean strength, could prove fatal to any unfortunate boyfriends or houseguests sleeping nearby -- I suppose she can't be too choosy.

Get rid of the garbage, Kiddy, and I'm yours.

Especially not with a flat like that, which actually makes my room look neat because there's no way in Hell I'd ever have bags of garbage stinking up my place. Piles of DVDs, yes; boxes of papers and comic books, sure; shelves and crates of toys, count on it; even heaps of (clean) clothing... but not multiple bags of trash. Oh, Kiddy, you sexy, sexy slob you.

"No more Miss Nice Guy!"

She flipping means it. Also, did you notice her birthdate? No, not that -- the show begins in 2027, so she's not three years old. 😛


Goodnight, Kiddy! Try not to kill anyone in your sleep, okay?

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