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July 11, 2005
Blue weekend

Hey all -- hope you had a great weekend. Unfortunately, mine was fairly uneventful and unproductive. It started off well enough, with me taking care of a few errands and having a good telephone conversation with Mickey on Friday (it's worth noting, however, that my mother interrupted the conversation no less than three times, insisting that she needed to check her messages), but then I ended up sleeping until 6PM on Saturday and, due to the time lost, not getting a whole lot done during the rest of the weekend as a result. I mean I guess I needed the rest -- these weeks always exhaust the living hell out of me -- but it's still disappointing. (I did get a new Scary-Crayon article up, though!)

Samurai Girl: Real Bout High School

So yeah, not a whole lot happened. Other highlights included: Outdoing myself in the kitchen with another spectacular dish on Saturday night, believing myself to have purchased an entire bottle of congealed eggnog (it wouldn't pour! but actually, only the part at the base of the neck had congealed; it poured -- albeit with creamy chunks here and there -- once I poked a straw down there for a bit), and watching more episodes of "Samurai Girl: Real Bout High School". It's a short series -- thirteen eps; I've only got one remaining -- but I really like it.

As far as other DVDs go, I tried to watch What Dreams May Come but ended up stopping the film fifteen minutes later. It's bad enough that the movie quickly went from charming to tragic with death upon death upon death (way more death than in the book, even!), but then Cuba showed up all blurry and started twirling like a ballerina and I said, "Fuck this!" and switched that shit off. Then I popped Vamp in, but didn't get past the trailers before I decided I wasn't in the mood for a film and should probably go to sleep. But first I watched two more eps of "Samurai Girl" and suffered through a headache.

So that was my weekend -- and now it's back to fucking work. Ja.

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  • Parizad says:

    I saw What Dreams May Come years ago when it was in the theaters, and thought it was absolutely wonderful. Watch it at a time when you can devout the entire time to watching it without any interruptions. It is one of those movies where it will suck you in, and you'll absolutely love it.

  • Wes says:

    I dunno, Parizad -- can't say I loved the book! -- but one of these days I'll probably give it another shot.

  • Becky says:

    The one thing I gave that movie credit for was the effects. The scenes where it was an oil painting were pretty cool. But, you're right in that I thought the story was rather depressing and hard to watch. And, it got worse with Annabella's character.

    Great drawing. You sure do like that anime, don't you? I once went in to inspect one of my rental units and my tenants had anime porn sitting out, and when I asked them "is this really cartoon porn?" they got all embarassed that I "busted" them, like I was their mom or something (I'm only 31 and they were 24).

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