Thus revealed, the creature buried its nose in the tire-tilled soil...
July 7, 2008
I found a dead lizard in the basement!
Category: Miscellany

And not one of the several that I put there, either. This dead lizard was not housed in a small jar of alcohol (or not, in the one case where the alcohol has evaporated) -- it was lying on the floor in the room where I keep most of my action figures. If it climbed on them, its death is well deserved.

I do not think I will keep this dead lizard (I only keep dead animals that were my "pets" in life), but I have placed it in a ziploc bag and left it on the porch in order to see how my mother reacts. I doubt it will be highly entertaining.

(Do the repeated references to dead animals make anyone else think of the Wayside School books?)

UPDATE: I predicted correctly -- my mother was not in the least bit fazed by the dead lizard in the ziploc bag. In fact, she had already seen (and ignored) it in the basement! She didn't even realize this was the same one... for some reason she thought I had found it outside and brought it home. Why would I do that?!? I am not a cat.

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