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May 29, 2011
False hostages and the policewoman chef
Category: Dreams

Weird dream last night. I dreamed cops had come to the house to arrest me for cocaine possession and distribution, but were hesitant to break in because they thought I had hostages. In (dream) reality, a couple of friends had come to visit shortly before the police arrived and -- since they gathered that their presence was the only thing keeping the cops from bursting in on me, they were just hanging out playing video games for as long as I wanted them to stay. However, when the press began reporting that I had hostages, their parents freaked out and showed up in the driveway shouting desperate pleas for me to release their sons, so eventually I sent my guests out.

At that point, however, the mother and sister of one guest burst into the house (I don't even think he has a sister in real life, and I don't think I've ever met his parents) and angrily demanded to see the cocaine. Since this also kept the police at bay -- now I had new hostages -- I played along and gave them a tour of the house before finally guiding them towards where the cocaine was supposedly stashed. But I didn't really have any cocaine, and it occurred to me that they were probably wearing wires -- so, surmising that the cops would come bursting in anyway and probably wreck a bunch of stuff if I were to "admit" to the crime, I thought better of that plan and shoved them back outside, where I approached the policemen and gave myself up.

But when the pretty blonde female officer started cuffing me, it occurred to me that I was shirtless in my pajama bottoms -- so I asked if she'd let me go back inside to get dressed before we went down to the station. At length, she agreed... and then when we got inside she promptly went into the kitchen and started preparing to cook dinner. We talked as she did so. Among other things, she noted the importance of fresh breath in the cells -- she was cooking seafood, which she maintained would not endear my breath to the other prisoners -- but I countered that fresh breath would probably make one a more attractive target for rape. I woke up just after she'd begun soaking the scallops.

Very weird.

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