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May 21, 2006
Nippon Ichi!
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''I am not a fucking piece of meat.''

Mai Shiranui was the first video game character with bouncing breasts.

-posted by Wes | 4:27 am | Comments (6)
  • De says:

    Is she also the first video game character to snap like a twig based on her physically impossible anatomy? Yeesh.

  • Mickey says:

    Ouch. Bouncing breasts. Ouch and double ouch!

  • Wes says:

    Do bouncing breasts really hurt? As much as it happens with women in video games, you'd think it feels good. (Really, shin guards and spiked gloves and all manner of weapons and they don't bother to wear sports bras? Maybe they like the distraction factor...) I guess Mai's ninja skills prevent it from bothering her. 🙂

  • Mickey says:

    I certainly can't speak for anyone but myself, but bouncing breasts can be painful. But it usually depended on what time of the month it was. Plus, the size of the breasts in question would affect the discomfort, as well.

  • Keeper says:

    This is really educational, and fun to play with. Boob Bounceometer!

  • Wes says:

    I fixed the first link, Keeper. That's very... interesting. Who wants to bet that more guys are viewing that page than women in need of a little more support?

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