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May 16, 2012
More dream weirdness
Category: Dreams

So it seems like I dreamed several things last night that I wanted to write about, but now -- as I'm finally getting around to it tonight -- I'm having trouble remembering most of them. Alas.

But I do remember dreaming about a commercial for a play tent/sleeping bag for little girls. Apparently it utilized some new 3D immersive hologram technology, such that girls inside the tent would actually see things as if they were swimming underwater. Since it was a licensed product based on the mer-sisters of a cartoon (I think another thing I wanted to write about was the cartoon itself, but I don't remember much about it), the visuals would also entail the little girls looking down at themselves and seeing themselves transformed: they would have the lower body of whichever of the sisters they chose. One was more along the lines of a traditional mermaid, though rather than having scales she had the smooth rear half of a dolphin; another had the tail and legs of a lobster; and the last had the lengthy body and numerous legs of a centipede. And I thought this thing was awesome and I wanted it.

And suddenly I was at a press conference that preceded the product launch, where I was asking a bunch of questions about it. Eventually the spokeswoman, clearly annoyed and sensing that I wanted the thing for myself rather than a daughter or niece, flatly told me that the product was not designed to accommodate adults. To which I asked how tall a person had to be before she (he) would no longer fit in the tent. And since the tent could house girls 5'10" and shorter, I remained confident that I would totally be able to explore the depths of a cartoon sea as a blond mer-lobster thing.

Also, I've remembered something else! In addition to that other cartoon, there was another cartoon about these kids who, after having been friends since birth, started dating (though they were like 12 and it was a cartoon, so their dating was fairly innocent). The boy appeared to be mixed, and the girl was Asian, and their relationship seemed to be fine. And then he fell asleep and dreamed that they were grown up and married with kids -- and that the kids, being part Asian, were math whizzes. But since he wasn't, he struggled to help them with their advanced math homework, and apparently they got really mad at him and then the wife got really mad at him and the marriage totally collapsed and his life was ruined. And then he woke up and promptly stopped dating the girl -- apparently she'd had a similar dream and realized their relationship "could never work" -- though they decided they should remain friends.

And as I watched this, I thought, "What the hell? They're KIDS -- why are they even concerned about what will happen when they're grown and married? Also, stereotype much? This show is terrible and the people who write it should be stabbed."

And then I woke up and realized the writers live somewhere in my subconscious, and I shook my head and thought, "WHAT THE HELL, WES?"

What the hell indeed.

I still want that awesome mer-sister 3D immersive aquatic experience sleeping tent, though.

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