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April 5, 2018
Ratlantis!!! And stuff.
Category: Miscellany

So among the domains I own is Ratlantis (dot com)... which, unlike the others (Scary-Crayon and the site you're on right now), I've never really done anything with. I've never been inclined to give it up (it's too cool a name; it's almost as cool as Wesoteric), so I've always wanted to do something cool with it. Any suggestions?

At one point I'd envisioned a photo comic series (with underwater filters) about a few water-breathing rats and a talking human skull (which had once had flesh that the rats ate, because nothing endears a rat to a pal like consuming and digesting its face), but that just seemed kinda weird? Almost too weird. I mean 70% of the dialogue would have been the rats reminiscing like, "Hey, remember when we ate your face? That was a really delightful experience." And the skull would be like, "Eh. I'm glad y'all enjoyed it, but I died the moment I was decapitated and couldn't feel you guys ripping off in pieces with your sharp claws and teeth the face I once loved. Probably for the best. So... yeah." And the rats would be like, "Oh. Well. We still wish you could regrow your flesh. Best meal we ever had." And... yeah.

But occasionally I think about making it into a blog where I write about things I just don't understand. Not like rocket science or auto repair, but things that most people get or are commonplace. Life things. There are a lot of life things I don't understand. Adulting. Employment. Relationships. Friendships. Political identities and various related issues. Rape. Hell, even consensual sex. It's rare that I can point to a thing and be like, "Hey, I get that thing. That thing makes sense to me." Making toys, mixing drinks, writing stories, and criticizing shit. That's it. Oh, and practical driving rules. Turn signals are for alerting other drivers as to your intentions, so use them, and use them before you actually begin the maneuver they're meant to telegraph. Don't slow down when you merge onto the highway -- that traffic is going faster, so you should speed up to match it. Left lane is for passing, goddamnit. Sigh.

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