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March 22, 2006
I had a dream...
Category: Dreams

...that I was at an amusement park and one of the attractions was this live action Superman show starring Winona Ryder as Lois Lane. I wanted to go talk to her after the show, but earlier my pants had gotten wet in the water park and I didn't want her to think I'd wet myself, so I kept my distance for the time being. I woke up before they finished drying. 🙁

Oh, and here's a question for you -- before today, did the GO button for the archives selector to the right fall down to the next line on your display? It didn't on my desktop, but it did on the laptop, which doesn't make a ton of sense seeing as how I'm using the same browser and the same version of that browser over here, but eh. Anyway, I fixed that because it annoyed me.

But not as much as not getting to chat with Winona Ryder.

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